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  1. just add ob_start(); at the top as a temporary fix. You are sending out HTML before calling the session_start() function.
  2. No, I have a dev. server, and my web host server have different database creds. I forgot to change it
  3. Ya, see both of you have the same link. The account number is the, and the key is the same. The script is faulty. I will upload my new version here in a second. I have not done those things you told me about oni-kun. I will post back when I upload those, though.
  4. I have yet to upload the new site, with the updates. Could you guys post the links you get in your email? -Thanks
  5. Code that repeats it self. Like, say you have a table, and depending on what the user clicks, different info is loaded. I have see this done time, and time again. The table is copied and pasted all through out the script, when a function would save file size. In my opinion, that is just bad coding.
  6. I have two Debian servers at home. I use a web management program called "Webmin", I love it. It even allows me to manage both servers from one webmin portal. I was wondering if anyone else uses it? Link: http://www.webmin.com/
  7. I refuse to post my stop motion with my friend, since it will lead to all my other extremely lame, and very embarrassing videos me and my friend did a while back. It was back, in the summer time stop motion.
  8. Thanks, this is my first 100% Me Login system.
  9. Okay, so let me see if I got this. Check to see if first name, last name are the same as the password. Check the length of the first name and last name. I have fixed that recovery problem. I just have not uploaded the new website. Anything else? Thanks so much. I will fix those problems.
  10. I wonder if Squid3 allows this sort of thing.
  11. Sorry I guess I should have quoted. I am talking about on the PHPFreaks website. To see what every is using.
  12. My first name is James. If you take the J and turn it around, you get a L. Same with the S, turn it around you get a Z.
  13. This is very true. I no long feel comfortable helping you. I don't want to get blamed for something, that I did not commit. Try posting on the PayPal boards.
  14. Take a look here: http://www.pdncommunity.com/pdn/board/message?board.id=basicpayments&thread.id=44661
  15. Easy Peasy! Client Requests Payment -> Request Dealt With + PHP Script executed to transfer money -> Display Request Accepted (?) Well I was going to write some code, but it seems that I have to verify my account in order to login into the sandbox website. I will get back to you when I get the email.
  16. Just include some checking statements. Check to see if they are logged in, then check to see if their browser they used last is the same browser as of now.
  17. cron job? Explain a little more. Maybe I can get you going.
  18. I am not looking for accurate, but more for fun. Google, should have some good statistics.
  19. Yes, but not a proxy. The router (w/ DD-WRT) will intercept the request, and then run the script, then continue. I have a problem with this though. Each HTTP request will be intercepted even if they are allowed to browse. (see this: http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=64777) So the script will check, and set a session variable if is not set. Do you have any alternatives? I do have a proxy server running Squid3. It is only caching at the moment (it is transparent).
  20. This is very interesting. PHPFreaks should make a log of the browsers that are being used, and display some statistics.
  21. This might help you, it is paypal's sandbox. I used it before on some of my sites. https://developer.paypal.com/
  22. Sure, sorry to keep you guys guessing. That was not my intention. 1. User Tries to access the internet w/ a request URL (www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=&q=my+small+kitty&btnG=Search) 2. User request is intercepted, and is forced to enter a password to continue. -1a. User fails to enter the correct password within the fail limit of five. --1a.User must wait until the session has expired to try again, and will not be able to continue. -2a. User correctly enters the password within the fail limit of five. --1a. IP address is entered into the database, and is redirected to the request (www.google.com/search?hl=en&site=&q=my+small+kitty&btnG=Search) That is a shorter version of what I am trying to accomplish.
  23. Sure. Redirect Loop. But I think I have it fixed now.
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