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  1. something like this: if ( file extension of file is equal to css ) { upload } else { Overload! }
  2. You could do a for loop and include the images then put a 30 second sleep then in 30 seconds it will do the next loop
  3. LiamProductions


    Hey. Help me please. Right. I have a div. and on mouseover i want it to change color. heres my code: Index.html <html> <head> <title> Test run </title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./stylesheet.css"> </head> <body> <div class="header" onmouseover="this.background='black'"><br /><h1>Test run</h1> </div> </body> </html> stylesheet.css body { margin-left: 120px; margin-right: 120px; } h1 { color: white; margin-left: 30px; } .header { display: block; background-color: 464642; height: 130px; } Please help. maybe edit the code or something Thanks
  4. Thats pretty cool. But i would recommend doing it on photoshop with a transparent background. Because it does not work on some browsers and it may have w3c standards errors.
  5. Hey, Im starting on C++. I've learnt a few things today. Like how to write a string, to include iostream, cin ... and stuff Its quite fun. I can't wait till i move onto bigger stuff.
  6. Thanks. Does anyone know where i can start C++ like when you start PHP?
  7. I've got Dev C++ I went on a tutorial and it said to echo out something, It echoed it out but the problem is the program closed within a second of loading Any ideas why that happened? And where can i get some good tutorials?
  8. So gathering the infomation the extensions are .cpp Where can i get a good C++ Compiler? Thanks again
  9. Hey. I was interested in starting C++ Programming. Firstly, Does anyone have links to tell me how to start up. Does anyone know what a compiler is and what it does? What are the file extensions with C++ ? 2. Is there many sites that do C++ Programming tutorials like PHP does. THanks.
  10. Does it work now? {The code i sent above your post}
  11. oh right... Im not sure if this is what you mean? <? $name = $_POST["name"]; $email = $_POST["email"]; $person = $_POST["person"]; $reason = $_POST["reason"]; $today = date("d, M Y"); $recipient = "millercj@etown.edu"; $subject = "Prayer Request"; $forminfo ="Prom: $name\nEmail: $email\nForm Submitted: $today\nPerson to add: $person\nReason: $reason\n\n"; $sent = mail($recipient, $subject, $forminfo, "From: $email"); if($sent) { header("Location: portal/requestsuccess.php"); } else { header("Location: portal/requestno.php"); } ?> Try that you can only put where the document is in the header you can't put http://www.------.com
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