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  1. sorry if i posted in wrong forum
  2. Hello guys there are many scripts like youtube - so called Youtube Clone and clipbucket is one of them or ClipBucket was one of them. now, i decided not to continue the Youtube Clone, i decided to create something more flexible, more extendible , more usable and more customizable. ClipBucket v2 - its still in its pre alpha stage and havent released its code so yo have to wait till i release the it code for online use. my main concern is now what you people think about Youtube clones & social networks, their demand and what things a developer need to make any code customize their own way. i just want to know, is Word press like plugin system is best for developer ?? i used the same thing for ClipBucket v2 also, what are your opinions about ClipBucket - not as a use but as a developer thanks Arslan
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