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  1. The example I put in my first post actually works? I need to step away from the keyboard for a while, been staring at this script for too long LOL Thanks for the help, and the sanity check :-)
  2. <?php $foo = "bar"; echo "$foo\n"; $kungfoo = '"$foo"'; echo "$kungfoo\n"; ?> I apologize, I should have clarified a bit better in my question. My variable $foo is already set without the quotes, and I need to add quotes to the existing $variable. The above code returns bar "$foo" and I need bar "bar"
  3. This may be a simple question but it's difficult to Google it. I need to take an existing variable and put double quotes around it. So I have: $foo = "bar"; echo $foo; bar I need: "bar" I have tried several variations of something like this: $foo = '"' . $foo . '"'; (those are single quotes around double quotes in this example) But everything I try seems to either throw a syntax type error or not do what I need. Any ideas? Thank You
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