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  1. In my opinion, liquid designs should be 3 columns layout which have a lot of information to give. That way, even on a big screen it will look fine. Your site is expanding to just a bit less then 1440px (my monitor width) and it doesnt look good to me. Anyway, to the real deal: - The background is kinda interesting, but i'd go for a for not such a deep blue. Probably a sky or green blue would look better. - The rounded corners are way too exagerated. - Dont like the bullets for the "Latest articles" and "Welcome". On the menu they look ok anyway. - The girl's hair are cut off a bit bad. In conclusion, its a pretty simple site but with content im sure it will look a lot better. Its not the best site ive seen, but its nice.
  2. haha ure funny lol. PS: Just use sha1()
  3. Try placing the session_start() at this line: else if(mysql_num_rows($res) == 1 && !isset($_POST['cookie'])) { session_start(); //<<here $_SESSION['username'] = $user; $_SESSION['id'] = $id; } Tried this myself and the cookie was only set when session_start() was called after it. Dont have an explanation as it doesnt seem a "headers already sent" problem. Try it and see if it works.
  4. If u are on a linux environment then u can use cron to schedule the execution of your php script. Your hosting provider (if ure on virtual or dedicated hosting thats not a problem) should have any guide on how to create a cron job, but it shouldnt be difficult. If u cant find it, then ask the hosting company. Otherwise if ure on windows, i know only that it can be done with Scheduled Tasks, but have no idea on windows server technology. And no u dont need to install anything and its not a php function obviously. EDIT: Oops i just saw that ure on windows vista. Is that a local environment as why in the world should u use vista for a production server?
  5. U can set margin and padding to 0 for the body to remove all the unwanted space from the browser window: body{ margin:0; padding:0; } The height of an element is dynamic to the content inside that element. So setting a height:100% is pointless. There are ways to overcome this but it isnt actually a good idea. If ure using the table for tabular data then its ok, otherwise use divs for a pure css approach.
  6. U mean: <option value="php" selected="selected">PHP</option> Thats basically a selected value among all the other options, which will show as selected by default. Hope its what u meant.
  7. Surely there are css templates of any kind (2 or 3 colums, fluid, fixed, etc) out there but believe me, css is not that complex. U can easily learn it by reading a book or two and practice a bit on creating sites.
  8. You think ppl will give u business ideas for free. If i had ground breaking ideas i would put them in practice, not randomly share them on forums lol. Here u can discuss on the features u thought (if ure willing to share) and test how ppl react on them, so u can confidentialy use them in your website.
  9. Im going for a design "review" here, as security isnt the concern of this forum. Talking about the color scheme, having to do with desert doesnt mean that u can only use brown shades. U can go very well with some matte/pastel beige, brown-orange, yellow and some gray-green. U can find good color schemes everywhere on the net. As it is, the site is boring. U can apply some padding on the menu-icons -> menu-caption and product-image -> product-description. Just to give the different elements some air. That applies to the product details too, u can have some space between the title, price, description, etc. Anyway its not bad and its probably better then a lot of site posted in this forum. It just needs some touches to become a good site.
  10. Im sure everybody knows what a social networking site is and we all have seen facebook, myspace, etc. As u have a very rough draft and im too lazy to register at your old site (maybe u could have created a test account), i cant talk too much on it. I can say only that its not a funny and entertaining design, its table based and the main area looks odd in ie7. The question here is: why do i have to register at your site? Im a facebook user, which has great functionality, nice design, tons of addon applications and most importantly i have my friends registered there too. There I have basically everything i need to have fun (for as much fun as u can have online) and to connect to any of my friends. What does your site offer that facebook doesnt? There are way too many social networking sites these days which are struggling to get serious in the dotcom business, but most of them have a userbase of only the admin's friends. This is in my opinion to be discussed here, not reviewing the design or any functionality of your site, which in any case wont be better then facebook's or myspace's. I could be wrong, but im talking on experience here as myself started a social networking site more then 2 years ago, which had a userbase of my friends and some friends of my friends. It roughly did 1000 users before i closed it.
  11. I started learning css with a book: "HTML Utopia Designing without tables" and they have also realeased the 2nd edition some time ago. Anyway if u dont want to buy a book, the above link will definitely work for u, but u can also try: W3C CSS2 Specification Glish CSS Layout Techniques
  12. Is the site for a client? If yes u cant do much for the logo, but u can always suggest them one. Just a black beveled text with 3px white stroke is 'ok' for being visible, but not for a logo. Generally the site is optimistically fine. I would loose the bevels on the menu, as those seem a cliché in this forum, but are way off from being 'modern'. A 1px or 2px dark gray border will also look good in the products images and nicely seperate them from each other. I would re-look the vintage graphic on the content's upper right, maybe a dark color for it without the bevel. Finally also a dark gray for the black texts. Sure black can be read easily on white, but for design's sake a dark gray looks a lot better. On technical, u have a table based layout. It is a fairly simple layout which can be easily converted to css. Its better to have a semantic, accessible and easier to maintain site, which most surely wont need technical revisions for years.
  13. My name comes from a fighting game i used to play on PlayStation many many years ago. I liked a lot the game and i liked even more the name so since then ive used it everywhere. [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guilty_Gear]GuiltyGear[/url]
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