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  1. Actually, it made some sense to me in a way. Having various options for alerting is a good idea (e.g. user can pick to be alerted on Kp = 7, or if some value goes over a threshold. I'm still nutting out some other stuff, so I'll give proper thought to it when I get a moment. And I did think of a "live" service where people would pay a subscription fee that would allow me, or a team of people, to hit a button when an aurora is detected on a webcam and / or "the gauges" look promising, but that's a bit out there, and probably something I'd look at if things took off..
  2. Thanks for the reply. Some super useful info in there, especially about Kp not being an event in itself, but a symptom of an event. I might try Option B and see how it goes for a while. I'm running two separate "channels", a master API, and a beta API that I try out changes before migrating, so there's no harm in me adding in two options and spending a while evaluating both. Cheers!
  3. I'm writing a PHP-based API around some data that is updated as frequently as once a minute, or as infrequently as once every 15 minutes. I'd like to have a cron job push alerts to end users when certain criteria is met (e.g. data goes above a certain threshold), but because my data changes so rapidly and is prone to wild fluctuations, I'm not entirely sure how to approach this. For reference, users can include, for example, people who have downloaded my Pebble smartwatch app, or my upcoming mobile phone app. The data that I'm most interested in (which, if you're interested, is from the AC
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