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  1. Your right. I shouldn't be enforcing my opinions on others, its against what i believe
  2. I LOVE the spice girls!! See thats not normal cool.Normal cool would be to love what everyone else likes.....and ff is what the majority likes
  3. Your right, its a php function
  4. Without reading to much about it , is there any cool things that MySQL 6.0 can do that MySQL 5.1 cant. Thought the unlink() feature in 5.1 was great.
  5. Brilliant!! Execution time = "Query took 0.0011 sec" Bit better than 7 minuets originally , site also runs faster Thanks
  6. Bit stuck with the INDEX creation, heres what ive got mysql_query("CREATE INDEX description_index ON gallery_import(description_import)") or die(mysql_error()); but im getting this error: BLOB/TEXT column 'description_import' used in key specification without a key length gallery_import is the table name
  7. Ok trying it now. I was able to bring the query time down to 40 seconds with the LIMIT , ill let you know how much the INDEX will bring it down by....
  8. no just the primary key is has an index. Ive never tried to index tables before, but i read if your alway updating values you can have a negative effect using indexes
  9. no errors....its just buggy keeps overwriting values i dont want it to , maybe its how the query is structured.....but your right the limit works The reason i have to modify it is because it taking over 7 minuets to execute, and my site is database driven so i cant acess the site while the scripts running, and i need to run this every 20mins
  10. I need to limit and order this join by id (primary key) to 40 queries is there a way i can do this?? Is this even possible?? $query = "SELECT gallery_import.*, video.* ". "FROM gallery_import, video ". "WHERE gallery_import.description_import = video.title ORDER BY `video`.`id` DESC LIMIT 40"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());
  11. your normal cool normal cool ppl use ff but navigator is just as good, so why dont ppl boast about using that takes a lifetime to understand my reasoning
  12. Just saw the new xfiles movie "i want to belive", and its like ......shit!! I mean common no aliens no paranormal activity, just a lost agent abducted by......humans. I dont want to be negative, but i really feel the need to scratch my eyeballs out
  13. Haha theres all types of cool...geeky cool, weird cool, happy cool...... BUT Please ppl just dont TRY and be NORMAL COOL!! ehhhhh Anyways you want a supreme IE being, try avant browser....yes i hear you say "the fastest browser in da world!!" ok ok i hear ya peace
  14. thats only for cool ppl
  15. Thanks for the link....awareness
  16. One of my sql queries is slowing down my site. (Over 40 seconds to access table info) How can i echo out the query time??
  17. WHOOHOO!! Works ....Thanks The first "if $_COOKIE['autoplay']" is for when theres no cookie, the rest of the script is for when they have a cookie either on or off. But i can see your point..
  18. I can tget this if else to work....and its driving me insane! if (isset($_COOKIE['autoplay'])){ echo ""; }else{ echo "<a href=\"javascript: set_cookie('autoplay', 'on');\">Turn Autoplay ON</a><br>Plays Videos Automatically<br><hr>"; } if ($_COOKIE['autoplay'] === 'on'){ echo "<a href=\"javascript: set_cookie('autoplay', 'off');\">Turn Autoplay OFF</a><br>Play videos when "Play" is clicked<br><hr>"; }elseif ($_COOKIE['autoplay'] === 'off'){ echo "<a href=\"javascript: set_cookie('autoplay', 'on');\">Turn Autoplay ON</a><br>Plays Videos Automatically<br><hr>"; }
  19. Yes thats it. I built my decrypter off the base of this. It has some flaws though some files output obsucure code Ive compared the modifications ive made to mine and there are only minor code problems like adding r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n to the mysql sections but that can be fixed. By the way what php version are you running the file you posted??
  20. That code has no javascript in it....so you've answered your own question ???
  21. How can i change this code around so i dont have to use javascript?? <form action="import.php" method="POST"> <input maxLength=100 size=40 name="photos" value="photos"> <input type="submit" value="Import Photos" name="submit"> </form>
  22. Is it possible to automatically submit a form when the page is visited: <form action="import.php" method="POST"> <input maxLength=100 size=40 name="photos" value="photos"> <input type="submit" value="Import Photos" name="submit"> </form>
  23. Thanks. Ive seen this before but thought it was some custom programming
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