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  1. dreamwest

    javascript bootloader

    waste of time bootloading js, just gzip it a 40kb js file will reduce to 4kb or less...its like some kinda voodoo magic
  2. dreamwest

    ModRewrite Cheat Sheet

    htaccess rules Regex Character Definitions for htaccess2 [ ^ ] # the # instructs the server to ignore the line. used for including comments. each line of comments requires it’s own #. when including comments, it is good practice to use only letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores. this practice will help eliminate/avoid potential server parsing errors. [F] Forbidden: instructs the server to return a 403 Forbidden to the client. [L] Last rule: instructs the server to stop rewriting after the preceding directive is processed. [N] Next: instructs Apache to rerun the rewrite rule until all rewriting directives have been achieved. [G] Gone: instructs the server to deliver Gone (no longer exists) status message. [P] Proxy: instructs server to handle requests by mod_proxy [C] Chain: instructs server to chain the current rule with the previous rule. [R] Redirect: instructs Apache to issue a redirect, causing the browser to request the rewritten/modified URL. [NC] No Case: defines any associated argument as case-insensitive. i.e., "NC" = "No Case". [PT] Pass Through: instructs mod_rewrite to pass the rewritten URL back to Apache for further processing. [OR] Or: specifies a logical "or" that ties two expressions together such that either one proving true will cause the associated rule to be applied. [NE] No Escape: instructs the server to parse output without escaping characters. [NS] No Subrequest: instructs the server to skip the directive if internal sub-request. [QSA] Append Query String: directs server to add the query string to the end of the expression (URL). [s=x] Skip: instructs the server to skip the next "x" number of rules if a match is detected. [E=variable:value] Environmental Variable: instructs the server to set the environmental variable "variable" to "value". [T=MIME-type] Mime Type: declares the mime type of the target resource. [] specifies a character class, in which any character within the brackets will be a match. e.g., [xyz] will match either an x, y, or z. []+ character class in which any combination of items within the brackets will be a match. e.g., [xyz]+ will match any number of x’s, y’s, z’s, or any combination of these characters. [^] specifies not within a character class. e.g., [^xyz] will match any character that is neither x, y, nor z. [a-z] a dash (-) between two characters within a character class ([]) denotes the range of characters between them. e.g., [a-zA-Z] matches all lowercase and uppercase letters from a to z. a{n} specifies an exact number, n, of the preceding character. e.g., x{3} matches exactly three x’s. a{n,} specifies n or more of the preceding character. e.g., x{3,} matches three or more x’s. a{n,m} specifies a range of numbers, between n and m, of the preceding character. e.g., x{3,7} matches three, four, five, six, or seven x’s. () used to group characters together, thereby considering them as a single unit. e.g., (perishable)?press will match press, with or without the perishable prefix. ^ denotes the beginning of a regex (regex = regular expression) test string. i.e., begin argument with the proceeding character. $ denotes the end of a regex (regex = regular expression) test string. i.e., end argument with the previous character. ? declares as optional the preceding character. e.g., monzas? will match monza or monzas, while mon(za)? will match either mon or monza. i.e., x? matches zero or one of x. ! declares negation. e.g., “!string” matches everything except “string”. . a dot (or period) indicates any single arbitrary character. - instructs “not to” rewrite the URL, as in “...domain.com.* - [F]”. + matches one or more of the preceding character. e.g., G+ matches one or more G’s, while "+" will match one or more characters of any kind. * matches zero or more of the preceding character. e.g., use “.*” as a wildcard. | declares a logical “or” operator. for example, (x|y) matches x or y. \ escapes special characters ( ^ $ ! . * | ). e.g., use “\.” to indicate/escape a literal dot. \. indicates a literal dot (escaped). /* zero or more slashes. .* zero or more arbitrary characters. ^$ defines an empty string. ^.*$ the standard pattern for matching everything. [^/.] defines one character that is neither a slash nor a dot. [^/.]+ defines any number of characters which contains neither slash nor dot. http:// this is a literal statement — in this case, the literal character string, “http://”. ^domain.* defines a string that begins with the term “domain”, which then may be proceeded by any number of any characters. ^domain\.com$ defines the exact string “domain.com”. -d tests if string is an existing directory -f tests if string is an existing file -s tests if file in test string has a non-zero value
  3. dreamwest

    ModRewrite Cheat Sheet

    My favorite Crazy tricks: Here we are disabling the digital signature that would otherwise identify the server: # disable the server signature ServerSignature Off To increase performance on PHP enabled servers, add the following directive: # preserve bandwidth for PHP enabled servers <ifmodule mod_php4.c> php_value zlib.output_compression 16386 </ifmodule> # file caching- my favorite! ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault A604800 # 1 week ExpiresByType image/x-icon A2419200 # 1 month ExpiresByType application/x-javascript A2419200 # 1 month ExpiresByType text/css A2419200 # 1 month ExpiresByType text/html A300 # 5 minutes # disable caching for scripts and other dynamic files <FilesMatch "\.(pl|php|cgi|spl|scgi|fcgi)$"> ExpiresActive Off </FilesMatch> # disable directory browsing - no more index.php in every friggin directory Options All -Indexes This bit of voodoo will auto-correct simple spelling errors in the URL: # automatically corect simple speling erors <IfModule mod_speling.c> CheckSpelling On </IfModule> # instruct browser to download multimedia files AddType application/octet-stream .avi AddType application/octet-stream .mpg AddType application/octet-stream .wmv AddType application/octet-stream .mp3

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