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  1. i think im closer to what i need, but i still have no idea how to get a cookie within and if/else code: if (cookie_name == yes) { $customize = 'user dosent have cookie named "yes" '; } else { $customize = 'if user has "yes" cookie they will see this message'; }
  2. how can i show new visitors a message when they first arrive. i want to use a cookie once they have confirmed the message example: {if}has cookie - dont show any message{else} <a href="site.com">confirm message</a>{/if}
  3. thanks i suppose you cant tell me what this means (.*) im assuming it changes index.php/ into index/
  4. how can i rewrite the url seen in the adreess bar. Ive seen it done on youtube where www.youtube.com/inbox?message=1blablabla turns into : www.youtube.com/inbox I have a little bit of code using .htaccess file but im not having any luck with it: Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule ^channel/(.*)/(.*)/recent/(.*) video.php?category=recent&chid=$1&page=$3
  5. I can use a.hover to change content without using javascript .arrowlistmenu .openheader{ background:url(/images/close.png) no-repeat 8px 2px; } .arrowlistmenu:after a:hover{ background:url(/images/open.png) no-repeat 8px 2px; }
  6. Found a way! .cssform textarea{ width: 250px; height: 150px; } ...Simple
  7. Can i style a form into a div? Currently i have lots of these in my page <div id="web" class="web" align="center"> <form name="form1" method="get" action="search.php"> <input name="search" type="text" id="search" value="" size="60"> <input name="type" type="hidden" id="type" value="web"> <input class=search type="submit" name="Submit" value="Web Search"> </form></div> I want to just add the following to the page and have the rest in a .css file <div id="web" class="web" align="center"> </div> Im not sure how to go about it...
  8. Is it possible to style a hyperlink into a radio button??
  9. How can i change this anchor .... <a href="#" onclick="toggleSections('web'); return false;" class="link2">Web</a> into a radio button <input type="radio" onclick="toggleSections('web'); return false;" class="link2" >
  10. Can i add text to a .css <div> .arrowlistmenu .openheader{ background:url(/images/close.png) no-repeat 8px 2px; } I want to add "Show This" next to the image Im a bit lost on how to do this...
  11. Can anyone recommend a good CHEAP VPS MANAGED server??
  12. Ok im gonna ask to be safe than sorry, which plan is better: I have 6,000 users per day with 30GB bandwidth and crons running constantly to recreate pages http://cheapvps.co.uk/plans
  13. I read here a while ago some ppl thought YouTube was getting unlimited storage and bandwidth for next to nothing. Article excerpt:
  14. Im trying to make my website as fast loading as possible. I have over 6,000 visitors a day. Im thinking of splitting the site up into subdomains for images, includes etc images.site.com includes.site.com Does this help with security and does this increase speed. I know alot of larger site use this method. Any thoughts??
  15. Can anyone suggest a good CHEAP server that has/is: A VPS account Has the CLI version of php (can install this later , as long as I have VPS server) Root access would be nice but not really required I dont need much storage I have another server for that, and my bandwidth is 30GB per month at the moment Thanks
  16. how can i include .tpl files into .shtml pages this dosent work on my new server: <!--#include virtual="/templates/header.tpl" -->
  17. Is there a way to automatically chmod files on a server by using cron??
  18. is this a perl script or can i use it in htaccess??
  19. Is there a way to automatically chmod files on a server by using cron and htaccess??
  20. How can i incluse pages in .tpl files?? <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/at3/in.cgi" --> = page.shtml <?php virtual ("/cgi-bin/at3/in.cgi"); ?> = page.php Whats page.tpl?? Youll be my best friend forever if you can work this out!
  21. Can someone duggest a cheap domain register?? Im currently paying $6.95 per year but theve closed down
  22. an I use this script as a ftp to ftp , server to server, file trandferer?? <?php # Connect to FTP server OPENHOST("ftp.myhost.com","myuser","mypass") # Go to /MyDir REMOTDIR("/MyDir") # Get all the files in the FTP server GETFILE("*.*",SUBDIRS) # Transfer finished, close the connection CLOSEHOST ?>
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