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  1. hello all, Can anyone recommend an ftp program, that is able to open a map that contains thousands of smaller maps with thousands of photos. For some reason I'm unable to download let alone open a map via ftp that has about 17.000 maps in it with about 20.000 photo's. I've tried filezilla, fireftp, leechftp, none of which do the trick. I use windows vista.
  2. none of the above don't use any of them i only use notepad and winsyntax
  3. I have a browser based strategy game hosted on starthosting.nl It's a really cheap host, you can get it for as little as 1 euro a month (to be paid annually). The host offers php and sql. Premium allows for a maximum of 10 sql databases and as much mail accounts. Downtime is about 2 times a year and usually for a few hours. Downsides are that it offers no tech support whatsoever (not something i had problems with as everything works fine), you can't do cronjobs with the account and the server seems to be slow sometimes. The major downside however is the limited bandwidth you get (it's only 5 GB per month). I expect the activity of my site to pick up this september (when schools start, i have a lot of students playing my game) and i'll probably get close to my bandwidth limit. Right now the game allows for a maximum of 200 players (due to bandwidth), but i'm looking to expand my game. Right now I'm searching for a host that offers the following: -1 lots of bandwidth for a low price -2 allows for unlimited amount of sql databases -3 allows to do cronjobs -4 has a fast server capable of handling large amounts of users who login at the same time I've done some google searches and have looked and compared some dutch hosts. Right now i'm leaning towards simple-hosting because a basic account offers 40GB of bandwidth for 5 euro a month (= 60 euro a year, a price i can/willing to afford). However I have no idea how many sql databases i get with that account and i don't know if they allow to do cronjobs. also... The FTP upload of the account has to be basic and simple. Right now I'm using leechFTP to upload the pages (which works fine with my old computer (98se, yes not joking)). I realize i'm being very picky, but if any of you know a host that offers what i'm looking for, then i love to hear it
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