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  1. One bad way (kinda hack) to do it would be to store a session when the user first visits the page and submits the form, then in the form validation code check if the session is there.
  2. Hey, I have set up a cron using cpanel, and for some reason the email i get with the output says it came across a 404 page. The php cron page is in a folder in the main directory called Crons, the file is cron_tab_main.php I am trying this as the command to run *i have replaced the username with the proper username Am i writing the command wrong , the exact error in the email is
  3. O yeah sorry about that, i started writing then looked at the manual (php one) then started again :s print_f would be better than print_r ?
  4. erm something like $vars = $_REQUEST; foreach($var as $key => $vars) { echo "Passed Name: ".$key."; Value: ".$vars; }
  5. If you can tell me excatly what it should do i might be able to make one. Although try learning how to use the ones on the google search results as they are simple to implement and use.
  6. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&ei=p_eWSZ_sHeCbtwfXma20Cw&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=php+mysql+calendar&spell=1
  7. Hmm, and still just printing "Error: " ?
  8. get rid of the die on the mysql_num_rows also try echoing $query12 to check if its correct, also try chaning the and to AND
  9. Try (in the hobbies script) putting print_r($_GET); and see if the correct $_GET vars are there
  10. You should use some if statments for the $_GET vars, or use a ternary (or whatever it is) like $var = (isset($_GET['id']) ? $_GET['id'] : "");
  11. $id isn't defined, add error_reporting(E_ALL); to the top to see why there is a problem
  12. Without seing more (most) of your script we can't really help much, as we don't know where you are placing the code n relation to the rest of the page.
  13. die(ride->ride_spaces_available.' == '.$ride->ride_spaces_taken should be die($ride->ride_spaces_available.' == '.$ride->ride_spaces_taken
  14. Have you tried putting that code at the bottom?
  15. PHP is run on the server and not the browser, so browser type doesn't affect it. This should of been posted in the CSS or HTML forum
  16. I wrote an image gallery code which might help http://djw-webdesign.awardspace.com/code.php?snippet=15
  17. Hmm ok, looks like i should do some more reading about patterns etc.
  18. Hmm from a brief read would i be correct to say that it is kind of like using CSS instead of HTML for layouts, for example you can have a page laid out usng CSS and you can then you can adjust the design easly using just CSS instead of writing the HTML. Is that the right kind of concept?
  19. I would advise learning C++ or C# as a lanaguage as it is very common in alot of computers industrys.
  20. I think the main problem is that these tutorials on OOP all teach you how to use it but none teach you where and why to use it, btw does anyone have a tutorial that does?
  21. Have you even tried this yourself? Show us how far you got and where you got stuck and we can help
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