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  1. I've been using Site5 for like 6 years now and haven't really had any significant issues with them. I think the main thing I don't like about site5 is their custom cpanel. They used to call it Netadmin and sometime like a year or so ago they redesigned it again and are now calling it Siteadmin. Now don't get me wrong, it's not bad. It's really good. It's an easy to use, intuitive interface, offers all the bells and whistles, etc... just makes it harder IMO to go to boards like phpfreaks.com asking for help when your host isn't sticking to the "norm." Not that Site5 support is bad... it's been decent so far. Just sayin'... what makes more sense: restricting yourself to one support venue, or being able to find support everywhere?
  2. I hate SmartFTP and CuteFTP. They never seemed to work. xD FileZilla forever1
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