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  1. i'll try and come up with something
  2. The lock_date in the db is 2011-09-05 15:11:08.
  3. For some reason when I echo $diff and $time_remaining it ALWAYS echos with values of 3 and 7 and not sure why. $lock_date = $row['lock_date']; $current_time = time(); // Find out if user is locked out of their account if (($lock_date != "0000-00-00 00:00:00") && strtotime($lock_date) < $current_time) { $lock_date = strtotime($lock_date); $diff = $current_time - $lock_date; $diff = floor($diff/6000); // Take minutes and perform tasks if ($diff <= 10) { // Calculate time remaining $time_remaining = 10 - $diff; // Account locked error $errors = true; $message = "Account is locked! Must wait " .$time_remaining." minutes to log in again!"; $output = array('errorsExist' => $errors, 'message' => $message); } else { // Clear the lock $query = "UPDATE users_logins_attempts SET lockDate = NULL, ip_address = NULL, failed_logins = 0 WHERE users_id = '".$users_id."'"; $result = mysqli_query($dbc,$query); // Account locked error $errors = true; $message = "Account is unlocked. You may now try to log in again!"; $output = array('errorsExist' => $errors, 'message' => $message); } }
  4. Amazing work. What do you mean format? If you mean what I'm using on client side scripting on my front end it's jquery.
  5. That works great thank you however I want to add something to it. I want it to basically before it runs through check to make sure that in that table called handlers that there isn't someone already with that characer as there default_character_id and if there is a match then it kicks it back to my form with an alert since I am also using jquery on my front end.
  6. I know via firebug that the correct parameters were passed to my process page and the parameter being passed that in caused issues on the process page is $characterIDList. What's causing the issue is that its not inserting the value into the insert query. The rest of the insert query works fine. process page $characterIDs = explode(',', $_POST['characterIDList']); foreach($characterIDs as $itm){ $id = (int)$itm; } $defaultcharid = (int)$characterIDs[0]; $query = "INSERT INTO `handlers` (username, password, firstname, lastname, email, status_id, isadmin, default_character_id, creator_id, datecreated) VALUES ('$username','$password','$firstname','$lastname','$email','$status','$admin', '$defaultcharid', 1, NOW())";
  7. I take that back. The only way the info displays is if the person has a manager and if it doesn't then it says all the variables are undefined. function getWrestling($style, $id) { $id=mysql_real_escape_string($id); if ($style=='singles') { $sql = "SELECT bio.charactername AS manager, ebw.finisher AS finisher, ebw.setup AS setup, ebw.music AS music FROM efed_bio_wrestling AS ebw JOIN efed_bio AS bio ON ( ebw.manager_id = bio.id) WHERE ebw.bio_id = '$id'"; $re = mysql_query($sql); $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($re); extract($row); ?> <h2>Wrestling</h2> <table class="biotable" cellspacing="10px"> <tr class="biotablerowb"> <td class="biotableheadingb">Manager/Valet:</td> <td class="biotabledatab"><?php if (strlen ($manager) < 1) { print "N/A"; } else { print "$manager";}?></td> </tr> <tr class="biotablerowb"> <td class="biotableheadingb">Finisher:</td> <td class="biotabledatab"><?php if (strlen ($finisher) < 1) { print "N/A"; } else { print "$finisher";}?></td> </tr> <tr class="biotablerowb"> <td class="biotableheadingb">Setup:</td> <td class="biotabledatab"><?php if (strlen ($setup) < 1) { print "N/A"; } else { print "$setup";}?></td> </tr> <tr class="biotablerowb"> <td class="biotableheadingb">Entrance Music:</td> <td class="biotabledatab"><?php if (strlen ($music) < 1) { print "N/A"; } else { print "$music";}?></td> </tr> </table> <?php } ?>
  8. Finally solved it on my own. I thank everyone who contributed to the thread.
  9. Okay so I got something to work. I have it to display the value of the manager_id field. However my coding says that if its value is less than 1 then print N/A but it's not then it needs to take it back to efed_bio and match it up with the id value and then grab that charactername. <td class="biotableheadingb">Manager/Valet:</td> <td class="biotabledatab"><?php if (strlen ($manager) < 1) { print "N/A"; } else { print "$manager";}?></td>
  10. These are just the parts that don't work. I already have it getting the rest of the information so it has the bio_id of the character and what it's supposed to do when it's inside of the efed_bio_wrestling table is get the manager_id and then take it to the efed_bio table and match that to the same integer and when it finds a match record then get that person's charactername and if there is a 0 for the value inside of manager_id then it says "N/A" efed_bio id charactername efed_bio_wrestling bio_id manager_id
  11. Again I spent the better part of the day researching and trying different things and can't seem to come up with a solution. Anyone available to try it from a second brain instead of mine.
  12. Anyone have any other suggestions that I could plug in and try because I've about tried everything I can come up with. It just keeps saying its undefined.
  13. That didn't work it made all the variables in that area undefined. Not saying you don't understand what I'm trying to attempt here but that way you can get a better understanding. Okay so say i have wrestler 1 that inside the efed_bio_wrestling table has a value of 2 in the manager_id field. I want it to take that value to the efed_bio table and look in the id field with that integer. Then when it finds a match then grab the value inside the charactername field.
  14. Does anyone know that can read a few previous posts?
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