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  1. public function getCurrentDir() { if($this->currentDir == '/ssr') { return '/ssr/'; } return $this->currentDir . '/'; } public function changeDir($directory) { if (ftp_chdir($this->connectionId, $directory)) { $this->logMessage('Current directory is now: ' . ftp_pwd($this->connectionId)); $this->logCurrentDir(ftp_pwd($this->connectionId)); return true; } else { $this->logMessage('Couldn\'t change directory'); return false; } }
  2. Hi this does not seem to be working for me echo dirname($ftpObj->getCurrentDir());
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm building a FTP script that will connect to an ftp server list the current directory, then you can click into folders like a folder tree like "/ssr/Sale/Commission/2018/". I have a varible that logs the current folder your in, what I would like to do is split a string like "/ssr/Sale/Commission/2018/" into urls like below. /ssr/Sale/Commission/ /ssr/Sale/ /ssr/ So when I user clicks the links it can move up the folder root like if they are in commisions folder there can be a link to take them back to sales or if they want to jump right back to ssr. How can I do this?
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