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  1. I have fixed my form action. And thank you for all the feedback! Will be making some nice changes soon.
  2. I love the city I live in so I created a site for all business. I also added a section to rate university teachers as being a college student myself, its nice to know whats waiting for me the next year. Please, if I can improve it in any way, let me know. Site is: http://www.totalcluj.com/
  3. Ah I solved it with using echo '1 LEI ='.$rate .' '.$rate["currency"].'<br/>'; Thank you for the help every one!
  4. Alright I went with the XML route and found a bank that does this and I got it to read partially. <Rate currency="AED">1.0338</Rate> I can not get the rate out from between the brackets. Here is the code am using: <?php $XML=simplexml_load_file("http://www.bnr.ro/files/xml/curs_2012_8_3.xml"); foreach($XML->Body->Cube->Rate as $rate){ //Output the value of 1EUR for a currency code echo '1 LEI ='.$rate["rate"].' '.$rate["currency"].'<br/>'; //-------------------------------------------------- //Here you can add your code for inserting //$rate["rate"] and $rate["currency"] into your database //-------------------------------------------------- } ?> I will only print the AED part.
  5. Wow, thank you for the information. You have given me a lot of think about and do. Again thank you!
  6. In my site I would need to display currency rates, I am thinking of getting such info from an official page but can I do this automatically somehow with PHP? Meaning the info is somewhere on the page and I want to somehow grab that little piece of information. I was thinking maybe I need a spider, and if so can any one point me to a good tutorial to get started?
  7. I am looking for a simple way of displaying images from a folder, and then when u click on it, the full version will pop up. I have never really delved into java script so if there are any gurus in here that would help me out, I would sure appreciate it.
  8. Very good point. Thank you for the suggestion!
  9. Well after a month or so of hard work I finaly launched my new site called Funny Kiwi. Its a site where users can post funny pictures or youtube videos. I have implemented features such as: rating, user profiles along with avatars and changing username color, indexed search, comment posting, facebook sharing and some more. So I leave you with a link and ask for any feedback here. http://funnykiwi.com
  10. Ah I should of thought of this thank you!!!
  11. Basically I need to select some rows from my database that have been posted in the last 24 hours. So since my date is stored from the values of the time() function I want to do a query to get the results only greater than a certain time code. So if I lets say have this value: 1321184384, what can I subtract to go back 24 hours?
  12. Well am working with Zendframework but I have not found a simple solution to this so I was thinking of doing it in regular old PHP. Basicly I want to be able to post a comment without refreshing the page completely. Is it possible to do with php though?
  13. There we go I managed to turn it off Everything is well again. I can't believe they don't have this off by default. Thank you very much!!!
  14. Unfortunately I tried turning it of now by creating my own php.ini file like other people have done so but it did not work. Before I call 1and1 about this issue is there a way I can check it they do have it turned on?
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