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  1. mod-rewrite is enabled Option directive in httpd.conf is default, what it should be ?
  2. My server usually works well with 1-5% of CPU usage, and in this condition top command shows few apache tasks (e.g. 5, comparable to the number of visitors), and several root tasks. But sometimes (with a higher traffic, but not too much, e.g. double), the CPU usage goes to 70% and top commands shows numerous apache tasks, each using 1-3% CPU and 30-40% for mysql. In this condition, the server is almost dead as it is hard to connect to the mysql database. I believe this problem is not due to higher usage of the server by higher traffic, but suddenly increased traffic force apache to do other tasks. When the CPU usage increases, even by making the website offline (0 traffic), the CPU usage hardly goes down. In addition, re-boot does not resolve this heavy load. Do you have any idea ?
  3. I just found the source of this problem, It was a mismatch between du and df
  4. Yes I have lots of data (5GB) with many visitors, but cannot understand what it may happen My problem is that I cannot find such rapidly growing log files. The strange thing is that the used disk space showing on the frontpage of Webmin is different from the folder sizes as can be calculated in its Java-based File Manager (more than 10 GB difference).
  5. I'm on freshly installed Fedora 10 (no update) I run the command you introduced and it listed 10 large directories, but nothing strange in them. The problem is that when I get the size of all folder via File Manager of Webmin, more than 10GB is missing. On the other hand, the used disk space increases by seconds (probably as visitors come)
  6. I was noticed that my used disk space is increasing dramatically I just found large log files (in order of few gigs), then I deleted the log files, but still a large disk space is consuming but nothing in the log folder, and I even cannot find where such heavy files are stored. Can you help?
  7. Thanks Steve My guess is this too, but the software you introduced is quite old and in alpha version. Not very safe for a live website.
  8. I have two websites with the same script (based on Joomla), one hosted on a shared hosting, and one on a dedicated server. As the scripts are identical, it is expected to have the same speed for both websites, but the site hosted on the shared hosting is about 3 times faster. As the server speeds are similar (based on download speed), I think it is due to the apache configuration, as it takes a longer time to read the script from the server. Do you have a solution to improve the speed of a fresh apache installed on a server ? Thanks
  9. I set it up through Webmin, and the <Directory> tags were created by Webmin
  10. Sorry for this, but the problem still persists The httpd.conf now looks like <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /var/www/html/site1 <Directory "/var/www/html/site1"> allow from all Options +Indexes </Directory> ServerName www.site1.com </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:80> DocumentRoot /var/www/html/site2 <Directory "/var/www/html/site2"> allow from all Options +Indexes </Directory> ServerName www.site2.com </VirtualHost>
  11. Theoretically, can it have an influence on the website speed? I feel the speed of loading was slightly faster when using the IP for the address
  12. It's a long file on /etc/httpd/conf I think you mean the last part, which is <VirtualHost> DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/site1" <Directory "/var/www/html/site1"> allow from all Options +Indexes </Directory> </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost> DocumentRoot "/var/www/html/site2" <Directory "/var/www/html/site2"> allow from all Options +Indexes </Directory> </VirtualHost>
  13. I have two domain on my server. I configured BIND DNS and two virtual host on apache server for them. The first domain works well, but when browsing the second domain, it shows the content of first apache virtual host, instead of the second one with the name of the second domain.
  14. I installed Joomla on my new server with OS of Fedora 10. Unlike my other experiences, the htaccess does not work, and any link results in a 'Not Found' error. Could you please let me know if I need to configure something on my server to work with mod-rewrite of htaccess of Joomla Thanks
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