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  1. set it up from your database. choose privileges and create your username and password.
  2. <img src="yourimagefolder/yourimagesource"> if you are thinking of directly retrieving the images once uploading it, then you have to use AJAX
  3. very simple. use this to learn http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_file_upload.asp
  4. if nothing wrong with it then just set privileges in localhost
  5. are you sure for the script? $localhost="localhost"; $username="your_username"; $password="your_password"; $database="database_name"; mysql_connect($localhost,$username.$password); mysql_select_db($database);
  6. I wish to rewrite url using apache..n i wish to test it on my local server. how can i do that? thx in advance
  7. use AJAX, once you click on the post button....insert those comments and retrieve it using AJAX.
  8. What i want is exactly like what http://wimg.ca/ can do.. suppose user type whatever the URL, then let say a script will run and capture the image of related URL and put it into specified folder assume "image_folder"
  9. Can anyone give me the logic on how to capture an image of a website URL like using w3snapshot?? thx in advance
  10. yup..if this your full code then the error is because the $_SESSION doesnt contain any array. you only create a $_SESSION['50'] but nothing inside the session. see the bold one $value="50"; $search = "test"; if(in_array($search,$_SESSION[$value])) { $duplicate = 1; }else { $duplicate = 0; } echo $duplicate;
  11. $_SESSION['50']=$value ?????? I dont really get that part...do u mean this? $value=array("50","100"); $_SESSION['myArray']=$value; $search="test"; if(in_array($search,$_SESSION['myArray'])) { $duplicate = 1; }else { $duplicate = 0; } echo $duplicate;
  12. in_array([search text],[array haystack]); I don't really get what you need (especially the $_SESSION) but probably $value=array("50","100"); $search="test"; if(in_array($search,$value)) { $duplicate = 1; }else { $duplicate = 0; } echo $duplicate;
  13. sure you got that error cause $_SESSION[$value] is not an array
  14. When looking for certain words let say IPAD through GOOGLE, i always get irrelevant website appears on the search result but when i click on it..usually the page stated "cannot find IPAD blablabla". I view their source, but the meta tag appears exactly the same on what typed on google I wonder how to do that?? is that part of the SEO?? brings traffic but somehow it is so annoying can anyone explain this to me? thx in advance
  15. I really wonder how to create a 3d games using actionscript let say i have created a 3D character and also 3D scene then assume it's a 3D war game. How can i move the scene along with the character??? is that a script or only bunch of scenes which is reloaded each time and depends on the calculation based on the event??
  16. ooh okay..do you have any tutorial link so that i can get more ideas on how to start developing the project?
  17. Guys, i wish to learn developing a computer game..but i really wonder where should i start?? i mean what programming language should i master??? Is that action script??Let say i wish to create a guy and he can walk based on the keyboard arrow. Thx in advance
  18. mysql_connect("$host", "$username", "$password")or die("cannot connect to server"); i create a connection and let say there is a problem with the server so that the connection can't established my question is how can i avoid the default error to be displayed which is WARNING: mysql_connect() blablabla as it is annoying to see such error message. thx in advance
  19. let say i have this <a href="myuploadfolder/picture1.jpg">Picture</a> and when user click on the link, they can see in which folder their picture were kept...is this dangerous?? if yes then how to hide it?? thx in advance
  20. SELECT * FROM `table1` VS SELECT * FROM table1 Which one is the best one to be used? n what is the difference? Is using backticks can prevent me from sql injection which means better to use?? thx in advance
  21. let say i have a function function checkme($x) { if(strlen($x)>10) { return $x; } else { return false; } } $variable=checkme("5"); so two questions i wish to ask... 1. If i wish to get the empty string for the $variable, then is it correct to have return false there? 2. If it is true that return shall not be used twice in a function as it will somehow reduce bytes space or something like that?? thx in advance
  22. tbl_user ------------------------- name email tbl_ban ------------------ email so if tbl_ban is ignored then i can use SELECT * FROM tbl_user * what if i want to show all names where email is not listed in tbl_ban * show all names where email is listed in tbl_ban i try this SELECT * FROM tbl_USER WHERE email IN(SELECT email FROM tbl_ban) for the first question and SELECT * FROM tbl_USER WHERE email NOT IN(SELECT email FROM tbl_ban) for the second one..but it didnt work any guides? thx in advance
  23. thx so much MrAdam!!!really helpful
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