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  1. Your binary representation is full of regular patterns, I'd wager it being indices (the alphanumeric text like $0<(4@LX`) preceding any compressed data (the unrepresented characters �) for each entry. Just a shot in the dark. It doesn't mean what is under it isn't encrypted. Wow, I haven't logged in for a decade, and Ignace you're a moderator, congrats!
  2. GEDIT is a nice code IDE editor that should come standard on some Gnome installations. It has function completion and bracket highlighting (end-to-end) and has done well for me as a lightweight editor.
  3. Heh, I remember their WYSIWYG editors in my day.. -------------- I installed gFTP, a staple FTP client for Linux. Newest version, Look [...] Simple mistake.. But why linux, Why! Do I have permisssion to call it an annoying mistake?
  4. Yeah, I installed netbeans (actually from seeing your sig over and over) and had mixed thoughts. I did like the actual error checking instead of just syntax highlighting, but the auto quote/bracket thing was aweful! It's one of those things you either like or don't like , do or don't do. I switched off of it (and removed it as I went back to *nix) and stuck with something a little more simple.. Just don't need those features. VIM/Mousepad
  5. Hm, I looked on a newly created Notepad++ file, and it only contained 0D, Not 0A. Wow, I can't believe it'd do that to me.. I'll have to look it up, Grrrr.. blasphemous notepad.
  6. Were you transferring in binary, ascii, or auto? I left it at auto, Although I assume it should transfer it ascii as there's nothing special in the file. In my hex editor, it returns: 0D0D0A (Return, Return, Line terminator). Is that a possible error (it not liking my Windows return lines) and accidental conversion? Hmm..
  7. I used FileZilla for awhile, but I noticed (for whatever reason) uploading files made with Notepad++, added two newlines, so my code that is on the site, is spaced to hell and too annoying to compress again (macros won't help much in this case), I switched to FlashFXP, very similar and works great.
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