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  1. oni-kun

    Unknown encryption

    Your binary representation is full of regular patterns, I'd wager it being indices (the alphanumeric text like $0<(4@LX`) preceding any compressed data (the unrepresented characters �) for each entry. Just a shot in the dark. It doesn't mean what is under it isn't encrypted. Wow, I haven't logged in for a decade, and Ignace you're a moderator, congrats!
  2. oni-kun

    Free address lookup API based on postcode?

    There are many free geolocation services out there, One notably maxmind's services, You can filter the database yourself or use said software to get the lookup.
  3. GEDIT is a nice code IDE editor that should come standard on some Gnome installations. It has function completion and bracket highlighting (end-to-end) and has done well for me as a lightweight editor.
  4. oni-kun

    FTP Programs

    Heh, I remember their WYSIWYG editors in my day.. -------------- I installed gFTP, a staple FTP client for Linux. Newest version, Look [...] Simple mistake.. But why linux, Why! Do I have permisssion to call it an annoying mistake?
  5. Yeah, I installed netbeans (actually from seeing your sig over and over) and had mixed thoughts. I did like the actual error checking instead of just syntax highlighting, but the auto quote/bracket thing was aweful! It's one of those things you either like or don't like , do or don't do. I switched off of it (and removed it as I went back to *nix) and stuck with something a little more simple.. Just don't need those features. VIM/Mousepad
  6. oni-kun

    FTP Programs

    Hm, I looked on a newly created Notepad++ file, and it only contained 0D, Not 0A. Wow, I can't believe it'd do that to me.. I'll have to look it up, Grrrr.. blasphemous notepad.
  7. oni-kun

    FTP Programs

    Were you transferring in binary, ascii, or auto? I left it at auto, Although I assume it should transfer it ascii as there's nothing special in the file. In my hex editor, it returns: 0D0D0A (Return, Return, Line terminator). Is that a possible error (it not liking my Windows return lines) and accidental conversion? Hmm..
  8. oni-kun

    FTP Programs

    I used FileZilla for awhile, but I noticed (for whatever reason) uploading files made with Notepad++, added two newlines, so my code that is on the site, is spaced to hell and too annoying to compress again (macros won't help much in this case), I switched to FlashFXP, very similar and works great.

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