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  1. It's 7am, I'd rather get some sleep than debate some mundane ideal to people who couldn't change anything if they wanted. Everyone is right in multiple ways, so you can assume it will not get anywhere. Keep the badge system, Make the owner happy, Then it's all okay, Alright?
  2. Moderation should be completely transparent to the enduser, unless of course some tyranic complex is in order, Sir! Badges? Useless flash so people may see this, Place, Is under order. Although the opposite is observed once someone observes it first hand. The use of someone trying to find a "promoted" member is deprecated by passive contribution and moderation features. Badges are rendered and render it all pointless. Lets look at all the posts you've done over the.. Year? You sure as hell weren't presenting yourself so "flashy" and redundant full of useless filler than before, Maybe you should conform to it.
  3. @Salathe, It's common sense, While you're going off topic yourself to not speak to him directly in a PM , I don't know. This place obviously has too many nonsensical values and obstructions to make it, "Ideally productive". I agree lectural thoughts on abolishing the badge system for what it impedes on a so called pseudosociety. This and most threads that are but a very valid example of the end results.
  4. vimdiff if you prefer the wonderful editor.
  5. Why do you continue further? You're being more annoying than your bubbly emoticon
  6. This fuction should suffice. http://php.net/manual/en/function.mysql-affected-rows.php
  7. Posting things when others who are comprehensible in such won't, Try solving atleast 5 people's threads a day, then you can say that over me. Although agitating me when you're stating something so broad and biased doesn't get anywere, so have you learned.
  8. Oh, I came from a VB.NET background from 4-5 years back but must've forgotten how the more simple things were done. A backslash is an escape entity, Well, best I show you a tutorial on them: http://www.htmlite.com/php008.php If you're using double quotes within double quotes, they need to be escaped from the current context, Such as: print "This is a double quote: \" <---"; Dollar signs have precedence in double quotes, so variable can be displayed: $var = "foo"; print "\$var = $var"; //Will print: $var = foo I'd really recommend looking up some basic PHP tutorials such as in Tizag, As you can trust from an ex-.NET programmer C is much different in its syntax than VB.
  9. Show my manly numbers compared to yours?
  10. Do what the other people do. Learn SGML markup and make a full traversal parsing engine along with atleast one RDF compliant semantic syntax, Easy? No: Make it fast. I'd start there. Although it's been a problem of people for atleast longer than you were born.
  11. Try the following; PHP isn't responsible to catch SQL problems at front: <?php $order_num = 'xxii8ir3iaqr7155'; $result = mysql_query("SELECT AES_DECRYPT(ccnum) FROM orders WHERE orderNum = 'xxii8ir3iaqr7155' LIMIT 1") or exit(mysql_error()); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){ $ccnum = $row['ccnum']; } ?>
  12. Hi. Welcome to the community, I'm glad you could join!
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