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  1. i have a machine running centos 5 and i want to setup an smtp server. i am on a broadband connection with a linksys router, and im pretty sure ill need to purchase some kind of smtp relay service. i will be hosting the web client on a godaddy hosting plan, so it is not local to the machine. all these conditions have made it hard for me to figure out how to start going about this little project. could anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. madtechie already posted the answer to your question: //select every field, in customertable that has the state selected$sql = "SELECT * FROM customertable WHERE state='$state' ";
  3. Computer science is not about programming. Look for some sort of software engineering program if you want to do programming. Have a look at the course listing on your local university/college and see what they offer. My university only had one major called 'Computer Science' that spanned everything from digital logic to software engineering, programing and more.
  4. Ehhh I would rather be interested in managing servers or things like that. so you dont believe programming is necessary for that?
  5. abazoskib


    why dont you use file() and a foreach loop to go through each URL
  6. what do you get when you print_r($_POST)?
  7. Do you know what a database is, and do you know what XML is? I suggest you look those up first. edit: i forgot to mention, if you know what they mean, then the answer should be obvious. databases can store much more information while keeping it just as easy to access.
  8. can you just post the code in question instead of having an attachment?
  9. Please post the actual query...and you should SERIOUSLY think about using loops. I cant believe you manually typed all those variables out.
  10. its possible. not enough info given about it to determine exactly how
  11. anyone know of any forums to discuss various mathematics and/or sciences? the only stuff i find on google is for homework help, and im looking more for an advanced theory type of forum.
  12. please post the output of "SHOW GRANTS FOR 'arscnaor_tana'@'23-241.bluehost.com' " also, is your server configured for remote access?
  13. I think it has to do with your browser. I dont know the EXACT problem, but here's a question, can you view any other png images with your browser?
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