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  1. I am very much interested to know how to create the custom maps as we see on the following links. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-election/9657641/US-election-2012-the-electoral-college-explained.html and http://edition.cnn.com/election/2012/ecalculator#?battleground I would like to know what is the best and robust possibility to create such a kind of customized maps that we can use for other purposes as well. I am sure this is not developed in Flash. Any suggestions, references, articles etc is highly appreciated. Kind Regards, Faisal
  2. I have a table for the users to store their username password, photo, and some profile detail. Once a user logs in, seperate session is created I believe I have to store that session in a table and once they logout, then I have to delete the session from the table. Does this make any sense ?
  3. I have a website where users can add their friends. What I am trying to achieve is to show every user that who are their friends that are currently online. If any one knows a link to any script or tutorial that explains this, Please help. Thanks, Faisal
  4. I am looking for a tutorial or advice wherein I can create a timer for my auction items. You can see those timers on the site like quibids.com The concept is like this. I post and auction and set an end time for the auction. When the auction is live, The timer will start and will show how many hours and seconds are remaining. If any one has a class or some link to a tutorial site, that'll be a great help. Thanks a lot.
  5. I have a website http://www.pbm-biz.com/cricket/ where I am streaming Live Cricket world cup matches. My question is that during the streaming, I would like to keep the code in PHP so that others don't copy it. I can't find any solution. Any suggestions. Thanks, Faisal
  6. I am looking for a penny auction script. Can any one suggest what is the best script available online. How about AjaxPHPPennyAuction and pennyauctionsoft.com What is your experience with these scripts. Also any suggestions for better scripts. Is there any free script available. Thanks,
  7. Something Very strange. I have PHPMyAdmin and I can see it shows the count as 35 tables. But it lists only 34 tables. When I try to select the value of that hidden table, I can't and if I try to create new table, it won't let me do that. It says table already exists. Now I am confused how to retrieve that. That table is very important and its data. So is there anyway I can start using that hidden table. It exists but I can't see it and also can't use its data. Thank,
  8. Well.. still I am looking for the solution.. any ideas how to show an Excel sheet in web page ?
  9. I have an excel file that I want to show in PHP page. I dont want this to first download and then view. I want it something like gmail where you just click on the file name and it opens up. Can you please give me an idea as how to do this. Regards, Faisa
  10. Hi, thanks for the tip.. I am not sure how to do this as don't know too much of it. If you can do some code here.. that'll help
  11. I am working on a website where I have comments posted by users. I want to display 25 comments and if there are more, it will show a linke Older Posts similar to Facebook. Once I click on that, it will list down the next 25 comments and so on. This is something we can see in Facebook. Do you have any idea where I can find this script. I did search on google but couldn't find it. Probably bad keyword selection. any ideas for the resource. Thanks, Faisal
  12. Hi, I have songs that I have uploaded. There are tracks in each song. So I want my users to click download and they'll be able to download all of the tracks combined in a zip file. I have seen this hapening on several sites. Can any body tell me how that works using PHP codes / classes Regards, Faisal
  13. I am looking for a script that is used in Facebook. Wherein, user enters the email address and password and the system will automatically fetch the addresses from the address book of Hotmail or Gmail etc and sends invitation to join the site network. Do you have any link for such a script that comes free. Looking forward to that. Thanks, Faisal
  14. This is something very simple but no able to handle it. I am trying to do two things by one click. I would like to call a function in Javascript that'll simply display the div. Till this part, there is no problem. But at the same time, I wish to pass a variable id so that the div can use that variable to fetch values from the table. Here is what I am doing. <a href="javascript:addEducation();"> This one works fine. But when I try to send a variable, it wont do any thing. Not even this function will work. <a href="javascript:addEducation()?id=3;"> I know its very simple but Just not been able to handle it. Quick reply will really help. Thanks.
  15. Thanks scvinodkumar, the link really worked for me.
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