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  1. Can someone with a different domain (another machine) sent POST Data to forms on site at another domain. Something like www.sent.com copy the form from www.rec.com and can he send POST data to www.rec.com If it can how can be stopped
  2. I have one file index.php that im using like layout. In the middle of the file i have other php file that controls which file to be displayed depending from the task in the URL. So when i i want to display the login form i just call login.php script inside the index.php file. My question how can i set cookies or something else that require headers not to be sent. I can't from that file login.php because is always in after the headers are sent (it is in the middle of the layout file index.php) Maybe someone to recommend some other structure or some solution Thank You in advance
  3. Thank you for your review, Same like you I was considering making the site a little more colorful . I will work on that.
  4. Overall is good. My opinion is : -Maybe the header to be little smaller -the menu (bigger font) -less space between "Idiots Want to Know" and "From the Cheef" -when reading a post the is to much space between the text and left margin. That is just my opinion I'm with Firefox 2.0 1024x768 Resolution
  5. I want honest opinins on how the site "feels" as you enter it and navigate. Does it feel amaturish? www.poegames.com
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