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  1. Nice! Thanks I solved the issue with that document =)
  2. So basically I have a ajax call from Server A to Server B, passing some 'session keys', once those keys get to server B, it gets authenticated and sessions get set. The problem I'm having is that as soon as I make another call to same URL the sessions disappear from Server B. here is some code, <?php session_start(); header("Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://domain.com"); include("lib/class.php"); $f = new MyClass(); var_dump($_SESSION); //empty everytime if (isset($_GET["sessionid"]) && isset($_GET["secretkey"]) && !isset($_SESSION["user_id"])) { $f->authSession($_GET["sessionid"], $_GET["secretkey"]); } var_dump($_SESSION); //sessions are set as expected The servers are on different machines. Let me know if you guys have any input, thank you.
  3. Hello freaks! So I'm trying to build an app which requires to have recurrent events, such as repeat, every week on mon wed fri at specific time with occurrences limit, or limited by date ranges. Perfect example is Mozilla Sunbird or Google Calendar and their repeat features, especially Sunbird, which has an 'exception' feature which I direly need. I've been kind of stuck with the database design ideas. I've done a numerous amount of research, even as much as trying to sort through Sunbird's sources for table schemas, but I can't seem up fully understand how to make this PROPERLY. I will greatly appreciate some guidance! Thank you in advance guys!
  4. hmm now that I think about it I don't even know why I wrote that... idiot me, thanks for correcting me.
  5. <?php $value_one=26; //integer $value_two="26"; //string if($value_one == $value_two){ echo "the values are identical"; //they are both `26` --- string or integer } /* * this next example featuring "===" (explicit) will never process because $value_one is an integer and $value_two is a string, yet they have the same value of `26` * comparing two strings with explicit isn't necessary * good practice is to compare TRUE and FALSE statements this way. * to make sure that "true" (string) isn't the same as TRUE (boolean) */ if($value_one === $value_two){ echo "the values are identical"; } ?> i hope I got that right.
  6. your imagettftext function format is invalid, refer to manual. http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.imagettftext.php replace your code with this line ImageTTFText($img_number, $font_size,10,5,5,$textcolor,$font_path,$number);
  7. BK87


    Thanks! =D This design is about 3 years old. I started this site although never finished it due to college. Got some energy to sit down and try to finish it. I'm focusing on video quality and not too much worried about the footer and how it looks. (I've updated some video quality settings for future videos) I'm expecting this site to be somewhat popular among the motorcycle community although not as big as youtube. Although who knows. =D
  8. BK87


    =D Believe it or not... Track is safer. Although its very addicting.
  9. BK87


    I was thinking that too! Thanks.
  10. Need some criticism. Site is not 100% functional yet, although about 10% left to do. Anyway Things you should know. Uploads work, although video conversion is not automatic! (because currently looking for some of the top mimetype to support, so upload away!) Search not fully working! Currently on a 1gige port, speed seems to be nice =D Also, all videos that have a bike number #911 or a funky colored suit. (green/red/yellow) thats is actually ME! (http://www.motohd.com/watch/S5Kb7lkpi7/) just skip to about 1:30 =D http://www.motohd.com Thanks fellas!
  11. basically, if the url is not set to login ie. http://site.com/ then a default login is provided. If the login info is provided, than process the actual user and pass supplied. How can this be achieved?
  12. http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.fopen.php
  13. search what? database?
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