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  1. $this->val = $xmldoc->dump_mem(true, "ISO-8859-1"); What's the equivalent function of dump_mem in php5?
  2. var_dump($obj); object(php4DOMDocument)#289 (2) { ["myDOMNode"]=> object(DOMDocument)#295 (0) { } ["myOwnerDocument"]=> *RECURSION* } Search Again How can i get the value inside of this Dom object ?
  3. Is it possible to access php 4 class member function or variable with a dot(.) ? Is arrow(->) for php5 syntax ?
  4. Doing print_r($val); I get php4DOMDocument Object ( [myDOMNode] => DOMDocument Object ( ) [myOwnerDocument] => php4DOMDocument Object *RECURSION* ) Is it possible to get the value of this object? I used this script. http://alexandre.alapetite.fr/doc-alex/domxml-php4-php5/index.en.html
  5. Put all random number in array. Check if a number is there twice before storing into database.
  6. The second &, obj=& new classname();. Is that php-4 syntax?
  7. function &getInstance($boot = true) { static $instance = array(); if (!$instance) { if (!class_exists('Set')) { require LIBS . 'set.php'; } $instance[0] =& new Configure(); $instance[0]->__loadBootstrap($boot); } return $instance[0]; } Why is & there? function &getInstance And is it php4 syntax using the & ?$instance[0] =& new Configure();
  8. Is there any debug function ?
  9. Hi, Is there any debug($val); command available for php code? How can i add a breakpoint in php code and do Next> to go for the next line like some C++ IDE? Is it possible with php code? Thanks.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Open_Source_eCommerce_Software or other..
  11. Why is it necessary to define $bmi="" ; at top?
  12. More: http://php.net/manual/en/function.session-regenerate-id.php
  13. You can't include an image. You have to echo image inside a html image tag. That was simple.
  14. @galvan, Post your code in " .. " tag.
  15. How can i configure php.ini configuration to display all error ? Is this correct ? error_reporting = E_ALL display_errors = On
  16. How can i change my profile avatar/picture for this forum? Where is that option?
  17. It's cakephp. Can you please post your database.php for postgresql database connection?
  18. Suppose i have a view name.ctp. How can i count the page view for name.ctp? Is there any built in way in cakephp?
  19. Suppose i have an md5-encrypted password. Now to authentication i want to check the md5-password with the given input from user. How can i do this?
  20. Is it possible to create set array in PHP?
  21. It's a project written with php-4.3.9 It's not supported after installing php-5.3.6 How can i configure apache server to support php4 project?
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