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  1. Which is going to take weeks at best, but most likely months and it's possible it could be years. I certainly won't be holding my breath that long.
  2. We are guessing blind as you won't tell us what server you are using. My guess is you are trying to use a service such as gmail, which always requires authentication.
  3. I don't see how I can make it any more clear. The mail.xyz.com is blatantly not the actual value you are using in your php.ini. Whatever SMTP server you are using requires you to authenticate with it before you can send an e-mail, this CANNOT be done with the mail function, it does not support authentication. You either need to use an SMTP server that doesn't require authentication or use a different mailing class such as one of the two I mentioned previously.
  4. None of the above. The SMTP server requires you to authenticate with it before you can send e-mails. The mail function is contacting mail.xyz.com saying "Please send this e-mail", the SMTP is sending a message back saying "No, you have to login before you can send an e-mail".
  5. The SMTP server you are trying to use 'mail.xyz.com' requires authentication. The PHP mail function does not support authentication. You will have to either use a different SMTP server or use a different mail class such as PEAR Mail or PHP Mailer.
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