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  1. I'm too old to read all that documentation stuff, so I gave up on a 'nice' solution and fudged around it using one of the canned user tags is CMSMS. Good job the code isn't visible to the client Although my original issue is not SOLVED, I'm happy to go with what I have right now.
  2. <?php echo '<img src="images/more-but.png"/>'?>
  3. Long time away, so apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong place, question is too vague, etc. It'll take a while to get in the swing of things ... I am working on a site using a CMSmadesimple. I would like to have an image in the sidebar (part of the main template file) which is the same image for each page within the same 'parent' group of menu options, i.e. the image is representative of the group of sub-menu options. I will have a different image for each other group of menu options. Looking at the template_vars, it appears that 'position' is the variable I need, but I can't figure out how to abstract it and use it in a bit of script to display the correct image. Unfortunately, the Smarty documentation is not as idiot-friendly as I need to help myself. All suggestions appreciated.
  4. I don't know what you need either. Do you have a server? Does it support php? Do you have a database?
  5. A web link to the online version isn't really going to help. All it will show is the generated HTML. Also be specific as to what isn't working.
  6. *nix server - cron - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cron windoze server - task scheduler - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_Scheduler
  7. Whatever you're using as a validator isn't ... http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator with your code pasted in reveals it's compliant with warnings
  8. while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result) s/b while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result))
  9. If the generated html works in browser x then it'll work in any browser. It may not necessarily perform the way you expect but I can't believe browser x works and browser y produces a white page. The concept of "doesn't work" is too vague to suggest any fixes. If it works without your login script and produces a 'white page' with your login script then your login script is the problem. And until you turn on error display and error reporting, you're never going to solve the problem.
  10. The whole white page thing makes no sense. Make sure that you have error_reporting turned on and error_display turned on for all of your pages and then act to fix the error messages that get displayed. Without knowing what the errors are, neither you nor we could ever guess what the problem is. If error_reporting is on and error_display is on and you still get a 'white page', it's because the script executed perfectly (according to any conditional logic you had) and there were no lines that generated output ... unless you're using the same colour for text as the background. A page that craps out then works when you force a refresh is symptomatic of a whole different family of problems.
  11. Using Firefox, the Galleries page ... Does that help?
  12. I'm intrigued by the 'blank white page' that appears to work when refresh/reload is used. When you get the blank white page, try using the browser's View>Source to see what generated HTML exists. There may be a clue there.
  13. Normally, that behaviour comes from unquoted variables in the form inputs. Your's looks OK. View the HTML source (of your form) to confirm you really do have quoted variables.
  14. If you reformat that code to indent the if/else loops you'll probably see where the logical flaw exists. As posted, it's not easy to understand,
  15. Perhaps I wasn't clear about that. While the first seven days of October 2008 do begin at 2008-10-01, conventional thinking is that the first week of October actually begins on Monday October 6. Before anyone dashes off some code ... and a few minutes reviewing how the date() function works would help ... you need to define clearly what you really want.
  16. Please clarify what you really want. In your example, the first week of October should begin with [Monday] 2008-10-06 shouldn't it? I assume you want Mondays to be the first day of the week, but confirm that, too.
  17. No. The 'standard' is to avoid using MySQL reserved words for table or column names. And here they are - http://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysqld-version-reference/en/mysqld-version-reference-reservedwords-5-0.html
  18. http://ca.php.net/manual/en/function.stripos.php - look at example #1
  19. I'd never seen that construction. Learn something new every day
  20. $db_connect = mysql_connect( $hostname , $username, $password) or die ("Unable to connect to database"); mysql_select_db( "sharingi_music" , $db_connect); That looks illogical. At the second of those lines, $dbconnect will be either true or false. And what I'd expect to work is: mysql_select_db( "sharingi_music");// assuming that's the db name
  21. AndyB

    [SOLVED] google maps

    Go to Google maps at whatver scale you want for your address. On the right of the screen is the HTML link code for that map. Copy/paste it.
  22. OK, last attempt. It's your database and presumably you can view what's in it, not guess. Notice that you've clearly told us what format you're using for date. Notice that you've given us two different answers to that question. So, take a deep breath, take a careful look and tell us without reservation which it is - and please note that MM -DD-YYYY is not the same as MM-DD-YYYY. In case it isn't obvious yet, the best date format to use in your database is the MySQL date type - it uses the ISO standard (and absolutely unambiguous) YYYY-MM-DD form. You can easily perform all sorts of manipulations very simply once you have a real date in a real format. Just because the database format is different from how you might want to display dates should not affect your choice of a standard date field. Extraordinarily unlikely.
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