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  1. ... just kidding! I'm aware of section 10 of the rules (unfortunately), so I'd like to not remove my account but make it somewhat more anonymous. First off, some bonus points for me for not using a real name as username. Unfortunately however, I did post my user details in a post (5 years ago!): http://forums.phpfreaks.com/topic/197099-all-belgian-unite/?p=1037742 This isn't really that important information, not really anything someone couldn't find out if it wasn't there, but nevertheless it would be nice if this could somehow be changed. Is there a way to edit, or ideally remov
  2. I use versio.nl, and for 12 euros a year I have a domain, 1GB diskspace, and 15GB of badwith a month And it costs 0.5€ a month + domain name
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