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  1. At long last I found the answer to my problem. We had a htaccess blanket rule for all 404's which redirected to the index SVN apparently uses 404 (not found) errors in order to add new resources. Thus the 404 redirected the svn to the root. I needed to allow this one to pass through instead of making a redirection. To test this i removed the said htaccess file and all started working fine.
  2. I think my server has been hacked but I cannot be sure. I had installed and got running svn on ubuntu 12.04. After installing I got one machine to checkout the repository on username joe. Last night I checked out the repository on my own machine on username john. But suddenly today I get this message when trying to commit: 'ERROR Repository moved temporarily to 'http://www.mydomain.com'; please relocate' I don't know where to start looking here, some search results indicate it might be a hook script, other say sloppy config files. I have svn installed with webDAV. The config file is: /etc/apache2/mods-available/dav_svn.conf: <Location /backuprepos/filesystem> DAV svn SVNPath /home/backuprepos/filesystem AuthType Basic AuthName "filesystem subversion repository" AuthUserFile /etc/subversion/passwd Require valid-user </Location> The passwords I added to the following file: htpasswd -c /etc/subversion/passwd user_name Really need to some help here, this happened to me before, i removed the .svn repository made a new one but I kept getting the same error; so ended up rebuilding my server based on an image. Has anyone dealt and beaten this problem before?
  3. OK, started a new job and have been forced onto a mac ... all the usual windows to mactards have been and gone... however I am also required to use Coda. It's not bad. But one key feature seems to be missing. Coda does not highlight opening and closing brackets, personally I love bracket highlighting and is incredibly useful when browsing other peoples scripts... so... Does anyone know a way to turn on bracket highlighting in Coda? or/ Does anyone know a small light weight & free editor for mac which offers bracket highlighting... by lightweight I mean something as lightweight as notepad++ or crimson editor. I have a 2.53GHz core 2 duo which is already crawling with the VM and svn and all the other instant messaging and emailing crap on here Thanks, John
  4. Have you got some code to look at? Show your INSERT query, and where the var is being populated would be handy.
  5. php mailer class is a pretty standard option to send emails: http://phpmailer.worxware.com/
  6. I you are creating dynamically: How are you doing so? Are you joining strings together? Do you know already the file name of the .jpg, ie just the file name without the path before it?
  7. Yea I have noticed some sites i have made with ajax content is getting cached by google.. this was my worry: That google would mess up on the "blog links". Thanks. I will build something on the premise that google will cache the actual targets and see what the results are.
  8. I'm a little confused as to how google and other search engines will respond to this... <a href="blog/some_stuff.html">some stuff</a> The above link is a basic link to a target. My understanding is that google will follow the link and cache the target accordingly. However what will happen when i place some javascript event listeners on the link. Something that would say, display the contents of the target in a div overlay on the same page the link resides. Would google still be able to follow and cache the link? Or would google simply ignore the link completely thus not really caching the target at all? I am trying to achieve an ajax type effect on a blog but still have each post on the blog be its own html entity... thus if google or someone did go a specific blog post the link would still work in its own right and have content.
  9. Are you sure you need a full dedicated server? I needed better control of a server for a project once and researched into private clouds and dedicated... For what i needed a cloud sufficed and was a fair bit cheaper, especially if you go for unmanaged.. but then it depends how much time you have. I was also brand new to configuring a server and decided to go with Ubuntu. I found that a lo of the guides on the net had a few holes or were just for specific bits so i put together a complete guide to remind me for later of everything i needed (obviously aimed for the complete novice, as i was not even that when i stared ) http://webconfiguration.blogspot.com/2011/10/beginners-guide-to-setting-up-ubuntu.html I'm from the UK and I prefer rackspace. However Fasthosts is not bad, and slightly cheaper as rackspace charge per gig downloaded on top of the server rent. They have a pretty solid backup facility, but then i think Fasthosts does too. Rackspace is a US company too though, where a fasthosts is english.
  10. I did some research on this a while ago. It depends who your host is as a lot offer this service already. If you have a dedicated server or cloud some even offer auto imaging features which backs up everything all in one. Failing that, for your database, i researched a few. MySql dumper claimed to be able to handle very large database backups by splitting... but if your db isn't mamouth size you could just start with a cron job on a php file which mysqldump. Try something along the lines of this http://webconfiguration.blogspot.com/2012/04/simple-database-backup.html I got this up and running on a ubuntu server with root access, but then i just decided to go with my hosts product after a while. They keep backups of backups so is saver. I'm sure you could do reconfigure the script in the above link to utilize the copy funciton, and even send the files away to another server too..
  11. I think this should work. Top function determines if the value sent is a number. The code is scalable too, just add more fields as required to your html form. Would need reworking however if your form were to include fields not required for the average calculation but required for something else, eg username or something. Let me know if it works. Not tested. //could do to change this as not good for internet exploder. if (isset($_POST['calc'])) { //this function will return the value of the field if it was a number, else it will return 0 and reduce the master divide fo the average. function numCheck(&$masterDiv,$a){ if(ctype_digit($a) { return $a; } else{ --$masterDiv; return 0; } //number to divide with to get the average $masterDiv = count($_POST) - 1;//minus your input button //running total of values $runningTotal = 0; //get all the keys of the post array $keys = array_keys($_POST); //loop through based on the count of the $_POST for($i=0 ; $i < count($_POST) ; ++$i) { //as the $key array is based exactly on the $array array the key is pos $i in the array: $theKey = $keys[$i]; //now we have the associative key we can easily get the value $theValue = $array[$theKey]; //now do what ever you want with the data, provided the current is not the calc button if($theKey != 'calc') { //using the function we built at the top this should add the value sent to the runningTotal if it is a number, else it will return a zero for the runningTotal and reduce by 1 the masterDivide meaning it will not be including when calculating the average $runningTotal += numCheck($masterDiv,$theValue); } } //now calculate the average based on the mastser divide and running total. $ave=$runningTotal / $masterDiv; }
  12. Alternatively: public $add_form = <<<_END <br /><br / the rest of your form but without escping characters as in heredoc var _END; Putting all the form in a heredoc var will mean you can use double or single without having to worry about escaping anything.
  13. Hmm.. cool. I don't know anything like this. I have seen something similar in firefox's pdf viewer though. 1 - I was going to say you could combine the query div sliders with this. As the user slide the handle down, measure the distance the handle is from the top of its container and replicate this on your pic navigation. However as your on a mobile you can't do this as most cannot scroll on a div. 2 - You could fire an onscroll event on the window, if <p para="1">Sdvsdtgbrdgn gchn bn</p> distance from position y on screen is x, animate your indicators position on the nav bar..
  14. I did a project about 10months ago in which the selection of one select determined the content and selection of the next in a not too dis-similar way to what you are trying to achieve. I found it was almost impossible to get ie to play ball by attemping to change the inner options... As a work around, I decided to simply recreate the entire select element including all its options.. this worked fine. Just make sure you have your select in a span or something, then just use innerHTML on the span. I know it feels like a cop out, but have you tried using the jquery library for this.. they might have figure it out so you can just change the options.. I was against jquery for ages untill i thought.. i'm a web developer, not Bill Gates bitch. Give it 4-5 years when the vast majority stop using gates's internet exploder and writing js without jquery will become viable again... unless you have boundless amounts of time that is
  15. Just SELECT and WHERE will be able to get the "type" if you have x and y mysql_query("SELECT type FROM maps WHERE x='$x' AND y='$y'");
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