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  1. floor will remove the decimal places in this case.
  2. I have started a new thread specific and in the correct board.... i really need some help if any one is knowledgeable in setting up mail() on their own server http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=345838.0
  3. never mind. ssmtp removed it all on its own. Thanks for the tip i'll start hunting for a guide on ssmtp now
  4. Ah, ok. Cool. I've already installed postfix onto my server now. I'm guessing it would be best to remove it before using ssmtp?
  5. Ok, i've been trying for what feels like an eternity now to get any kind of mta setup on my ubuntu 11.04 srever. All i need to be able to do is send simple emails out (no batches, but single emails) when someone registers to my site, but i just cant get the php mail function working properly. I first found a site which said it is easiest to use sendmail. Then one that said exim, then post fix.... (I've just tried following this guide, the author is clearly is pretty flippin good, but i got to a stage which said 'telnet localhost 25', but i just got 'bash: incorrect command' in return. I can only assume i missed a step somewhere along the lines, but i think what this guide is trying to setup up something which may be a little excessive for my needs. For one i do not need squirel mail, nor do i have multiple sites on the server) Does anyone know of a really really basic and novice guide which I could follow that will enable me to get the php mail function working on ubuntu 11.04... pllleeeeaaaassee (if there was a little begging smiley face i would use it here) PS/ This (i think) is the last hurdle for me in getting this server up and running correctly... any help would be absolutely amazing
  6. I'm currently trying to set up postfix on ubuntu 11.04, but it is pretty tricky! Which are peoples favourite email programs on their servers?
  7. ooo, right, that makes sense too... thanks a lot
  8. Would you be able to give an example of when you would want to change a php.ini setting for apache2 and one for cli ?? I'm not too sure i've grasped the difference between the two yet...
  9. Which of these two, apache2/php.ini & cli/php.ini should be changed? It seems on my ubuntu 11.04 server that only changes in the apache2/php.ini seem to reflect the config changes when running phpinfo(); Would anyone be able to help me figure out whats going on?
  10. Yup. After several calls it would appear with cloud hosting you have a lot more freedom too. E.g: fsockopen is banned on std shared hosting (i am told this is because if the host says ok to one client they are forced to say yes to all the other clients of theirs on that same server) but not on any of the cloud hosts i have contacted. I have been juggling around with the decision for a while and i think i will be going for a shared host for a while with a new site im gonna launch, see how it goes. Another bonus with the some of the cloud hosting is that it is essentially 'pay as you go' hosting. Cloud Vs Dedicated server... i'll answer that one in half a year to a years time.
  11. What is the difference between 'shared hosting' and 'cloud'? Would i be correct in assuming the following are true for running a website. You can either: 1) Buy your own server in your own office (lots of work) 2) Hire the use of server of someone else (dedicated server) 3) Share a dedicated server (shared hosting / cloud / VPS)
  12. I'm looking for a good fast and reliable dedicated server in the UK. Anyone got any recommendations?
  13. http://docs.moodle.org/en/Password_salting#Changing_the_salt
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