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  1. Yeah I haven't gone into designing the find friends page very much. I've still got to build that page up. However on the homepage you can search for people.
  2. Thank you for your feedback. I actually don't poll the server for all of the new content, I use websockets for that. The one continuous polling action that I do still have in place is a minor one for checking something i don't even remember what at this point actually. But yes everything else is "pushed" via websocket technologies. The list of friend ID's that get sent along are for telling my push server which users are able to recieve live data from users. So for instance, if you're not friends with user A then it won't send it. SOmewhere along the lines of that, it's just something I had to do in order to stop the push data from being sent to everyone on the site regardless.
  3. I have been trying to figure out how I want to have the chat and everything - I would like to have it a bit different than say like Facebook if possible but I don't think there's really a better way of having one so I may end up just going something like that. Yeah the footer - I'm not sure which way I prefer, perhaps I will make it stay at the bottom of the page rather than content but we'll see. Thanks! P.S. Regarding the account login - I believe the issue is that if you copy and paste the password, it for some reason adds a space to the end of it (even though you don't select one here), and that's the cause of it not working.
  4. Thanks yeah I get the whole "Kit-Hell" thing a lot, even though when I first came up with it I never realized that haha. It's really just suppose to be more like, "Kith-ell". Also, Kithell isn't my last name, "Kith" actually means, "One's friends, acquaintances, and relations." Bu the "ell" is just something I randomly came up with.
  5. Thank you for your response and critique. Firstly, I didn't make this using Boostrap, I design and coded every part of the website on my own. In fact I didn't even really know about Boostrap until just Googling them now. Now, regarding the Facebook comparison, yes I do agree with you completely. I have indeed taken inspiration from Facebooks designs - partially because for right now they are using relatively nice designs, and even many of the parts that are like Facebook, are my own thoughts that I came up with which unfortunately Facebook has done already. I will say this though, I have been working on finding Kithell's niche - I am planning on changing around as much of it as I can in order to make it unique, right now I sort of just wanted to get main functionality up and running, and over time as ideas come to me, change it around. One last thing, with Kithell what I initially was going for was to come up with an improved Facebook experience. I have not taken any iniative in order to create an API for Kithell - yet, 1) because I haven't wanted to take the time to work on something like that unless Kithell becomes a hit.
  6. Hi, I have recreated the php freak account. email: phpfreak@yahoo.com password: phpfreaklogin
  7. I have just released a brand new version of Kithell today! http://www.kithell.com
  8. And thankfully, you can avoid people who would hire them by having reasonable market rates. HTML/CSS, $20-30 is a fair rate. For PHP/MySQL, it can easily go up to 40-60. How long have you been doing it professionally? I started at 15, then each year went up by 5 or 10, until I found a good market to work in and jumped from 60 to 100 for freelance. (I also don't particularly want a lot of freelance work, only projects I really want to do, so $100/hr is a good way to weed out projects.) Well I have been doing this sort of work since I was about 16, between 16 and 17 I mostly did just basic HTML and CSS, then when I was about 17 I began PHP, MySQL, and a lot of javascript/jQuery. Since then I have done a lot of work with javascript/jQuery as I have been doing a great amount of work with ajax content loaded websites, the real source of my knowledge has been my social networking website that I started working on when I was about 17, which is the main source of my current skill level (which I believe to be quite high given my age and relatively short period of time doing this (I am 19, well just about 20 now)) I have done a few professional websites, and I have done a bit more freelance.
  9. Hello, I am relatively new to doing professional website work, and I am trying to figure out how much I should generally charge for work? I feel like I am quite good at what I do, and could charge quite a lot, but how much is too much or too little? I am good in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, and node.js/socket.IO. I have generally charged about $20/hour for local work that I do for people that I know, however now I am getting into more business. On average what should I charge an hour to do this work? Also taking in consideration that I feel like I can get work done a lot quicker than most people (as far as I have seen), so perhaps I should take that into account? Would something like $40-$60/hour be a reasonable rate? I also have a question about what I should charge to do this work below: I do freelance work for a company, and this particular project they have for me is a very basic and simple one. A pre-designed 7 page html website that includes some javascript/jquery, but mostly just html/css. How much would you charge for something like this? And what about a basic html/css pre-designed E-mail job?
  10. Thanks for you time and suggestion, but my client doesn't really want to go in this direction as far as image modification like so. I was more looking for design/layout help.
  11. I am currently working on a website for a client. She is an artist and is going to be renting out studio spaces on the water, as well as an apartment for artists to come and visit and do their work. There will be workshops and other types of things going on as well. I have got a couple pages put together, but the homepage is what I really need to get underway. I am not the best with homepages no matter the project. Basically she would like to have an image of the ocean and land in front of the studio space to take up a good portion of the homepage, and she would also like to have a small description about what it is she is trying to do and everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated (perhaps you would sketch it up or something) as well as any feedback on the rest of the site if you wish. Link: http://www.kithell.com/test/sandy_v2
  12. The way my friends table is it has one row for each friendship, there is no specific column for a user, it just depends on who adds who. So this just takes and whenever one row matches the users id, it sets the friend id as the other column.
  13. I'm having trouble getting this to work: SELECT * FROM usersActivity (JOIN friends ON usersActivity.userID=friendID CASE WHEN friends.userID=$session THEN friends.userID2 ELSE friends.userID END AS friendID WHERE (friends.userID=friendID AND friends.userID2=$session) OR (friends.userID=$session AND friends.userID2=friendID) ) WHERE usersActivity.setActivity!=3 AND usersActivity.userID!=$session ORDER BY usersActivity.setActivity ASC I want to return who's online, based on who you're friends with. Currently I have to do this to get it to do what I want: $onlineUsers = mysql_query(" SELECT * FROM usersActivity WHERE setActivity!=3 AND userID!=$session ORDER BY setActivity ASC "); while($users = mysql_fetch_array($onlineUsers)) { $friendID = $users['userID']; $friend = mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query(" SELECT CASE WHEN userID=$session THEN userID2 ELSE userID END AS friendID FROM friends WHERE (userID=$friendID AND userID2=$session) OR (userID=$session AND userID2=$friendID)")); if($friendID==$friend['friendID']) { print $friendID; //userID that is online } }
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