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  1. Was trying to edit the post to add my code so far - if ($books) { foreach ($books->book as $mybooks) { $label=$mybooks->Label; $value=$mybooks->Value; echo "$label - $value</br>"; } } so I get - Lord of the Flies - William Golding War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy Will try the array.
  2. Hi, I have an XML file to load into MySQL, but it is generated with a label and a value instead of being fully qualified. So instead of <book> <name>Lord of the Flies</name> <author>William Golding</author> </book> <book> <name>War and Peace</name> <author>Leo Tolstoy</author> </book> It is like <book> <label>name</label> <value>Lord of the Flies</value> <label>author</label> <value>William Golding</value> </book> <book> <label>name</label> <value>War and Peace</value> <label>author</label> <value>Leo Tolstoy</value> </book> What would be the bext way to go about reading these into variables to push into a MySQL table? Thanks Steve
  3. Never mind. WAY too early in the morning. Config.inc.php was being called but I had an typo in the database selection string.
  4. Hello, I have the following code (which opens a database connection and then links to a table.) include("config.inc.php"); at the beginning of a script, but the file (which exists in the same directory as the script) is not being called. I have verified that the file is there and that the spelling is correct (there is no complaint for PHP not being able to read the file) Since it is not being read, the mysql search is not working. If I copy the lines from the config.inc.php file to this file, everything works. I have tried using the full directory structure to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks Steve
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