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  1. Try putting an echo of the actual query before it is being run.


    For example,

    $query = ...;


    echo $query;




    Then copy this query into phpMyAdmin and run it.  If there is a problem with the SQL query, it will tell you.


    If you can provide us with that error message it will help us move onwards ... what also may be helpful is the actual structure of your tables ... but that can come afterwards.



  2. I've been idling in the IRC channel for the past few months (judda) and finally decided what the heck ... so I have officially signed up and I am here for good :)


    I've been playing with PHP for the past few years so I am going to try to help people on here as well :)



  3. This means that PHP isn't being run on the code.  If you look at the emitted HTML, do you see <?php at the beginning by any chance?.


    If yes, then there is something incorrect in your settings for PHP which to further debug we would need to know operating system and stuff for the configuration.



  4. That error message comes up when you start emitting HTML before calling 'session_start ()'.


    If you at the findmenu.php code that you posted, there is an extra space at the very beginning which may be causing your issue.


    If not, can you see if HTML is being emitted anywhere before that ... for example in global.php or anything?



  5. Your syntax for joining the two is completely wrong.  It needs to be done as Cags suggested.


    SELECT `t1`.`friend`, `t1`.`relation`, `t1`.`community`, `t2`.`street`, `t2`.`people` FROM `table1` `t1` JOIN `table2` `t2` ON `t1`.`email` = `t2`.`email`  WHERE `t1`.`username` = '$username' AND `t1`.`email` = '$email'


    (As AlexWD said, except with the second condition which they forgot to mention that was in your previous post).


    Something like this would do the trick.



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