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  1. hey guys thx for the help.i will test with var dump and see. So its an array....
  2. Hey guys i got an api and it returns : [ { "id":"1", "package_name":"1 Month Full + Adult - 2 Devices", "is_trial":"0", "is_official":"1", "trial_credits":"0", "official_credits":"1", "trial_duration":"24", "trial_duration_in":"hours", "official_duration":"1", "official_duration_in":"months", "groups":"[4,5,6,8]", "bouquets":"[27]", "can_gen_mag":"1", "only_mag":"0", "output_formats":"[1,2,3]", "is_isplock":"0", "max_connections":"2", "is_restreamer":"0", "force_server_id":"0", "can_gen_e2":"1", "only_e2":"0", "forced_country":"", "lock_device":"0" },......] $json = file_get_contents(URL); $data = json_decode($json,true); $Decoded = $data['id'][0]; HERE no mater what i put i get and error Undefined index: id in /home/handshak/public_html/XC/get2.php on line 9 echo "<pre>"; print_r($Decoded); exit; What type of json structure is that? EDIT: if i use: $contents = file_get_contents($json); $contents = utf8_encode($contents); $results = json_decode($contents); i get: [14-Apr-2019 15:38:32 UTC] PHP Warning: file_get_contents([{&quot;id&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;package_name&quot;:&quot;1 Month Full + Adult - 2 Devices&quot;,&quot;is_trial&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;is_official&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;trial_credits&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;official_credits&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;trial_duration&quot;:&quot;24&quot;,&quot;trial_duration_in&quot;:&quot;hours&quot;,&quot;official_duration&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;official_duration_in&quot;:&quot;months&quot;,&quot;groups&quot;:&quot;[4,5,6,8]&quot;,&quot;bouquets&quot;:&quot;[27]&quot;,&quot;can_gen_mag&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;only_mag&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;output_formats&quot;:&quot;[1,2,3]&quot;,&quot;is_isplock&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;max_connections&quot;:&quot;2&quot;,&quot;is_restreamer&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;force_server_id&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;can_gen_e2&quot;:&quot;1&quot;,&quot;only_e2&quot;:&quot;0&quot;,&quot;forced_country&quot;:&quot;&quot;,&quot;lock_device&quot;:&quot;0&quot;},{&quot;id&quot;:&quot;2&quot;,&quot;package_name&quot in /home/handshak/public_html/XC/get2.php on line 7
  3. Ok i think i got it.. $result= str_replace('\\', '', $stream_source); $result = str_replace("'", "", $result); //remove single quotes so i remove the \ all i need to do is reverse that to save
  4. odd so how come it is inserted like that.. how can i make a function to edit this: "http:\/\/streams.com:\/live\/A245\/23424\/6207.ts","http:\/\/streams\/live\/123\/43r3222\/27357.ts"] guessing i need to remove the\/ and replace by // . and when i save i need to re add the \/ im messing around with SELECT streams_source REPLACE(streams_source,'\/','//') as output FROM Stream WHERE 1; but getting mysql errors ..
  5. ok i found that just the simple loop works..lol $dataArray = json_decode($groups,true); foreach($dataArray as $key => $value){ echo $value; }
  6. odd cause no matter what i try i get an error like SELECT * FROM `packages` WHERE JSON_CONTAINS (groups , "4") ; MySQL said: #1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 PHP/5.5.9-1ubuntu4.27 mysql 5.5.62
  7. last question..maybe..lol sorry LEGEND: 1-admin 2 user ,3 user level 1 ,4 user level4 .... in my table i have a column groups with [1,2,4] how can i make a query to select the tables associated to groups [1] only cause i have some that i tried..also tried JSON_CONTAINS but the mysql error said does not exist? SELECT * FROM `packages` WHERE 2 IN (".implode(',','groups').")LIMIT 0 , 30
  8. that explains it ..json..hmm its the panel that was made like that..im just connecting to the backend of it .. ya the Mysql is the latest.. so how can i show that text in a way that we can modify and resave?
  9. Hey guys i have a database set up and im trying to figure out how to show and edit the content in a table that has ["http:\/\/streams.com:\/live\/A245\/23424\/6207.ts","http:\/\/streams\/live\/123\/43r3222\/27357.ts"] so when i eco this i get that? is this stored as an array? and why the \/ is that separate values?
  10. ya i think just need to unlink the old file
  11. hmm ya i tried htaccess with success..il try a script
  12. Hey guy's im going nuts on this... i have a linux server(centos 7) i have a directory /home/abc/files... i want to share that or be able to create a link to that file... but seems like the home is not available... is it possible to link to that?
  13. Hey guy's i have a script i did a few months ago and now noticed that it is doing its job but keeps the old file ..so i got the image a few times but on a different angle... how can i optimize this code to delete the old image when doing the rotation? <?php session_start(); include_once 'dbconnect.php'; if (!isset($_SESSION['userSession'])) { header("Location: index.php"); } $degrees = -270; $path = $_GET['Folder']; $file =$_GET['Pic']; $fileid =$_GET['id']; $image = $path.'/'.$file; $imageN = $path.'/New_'.$file; //load the image $source = imagecreatefromjpeg($image); //rotate the image $rotate = imagerotate($source, $degrees, 0); $NewImg='New_'.$file ; //set the Content type //header('Content-type: image/jpeg'); //display the rotated image on the browser //imagejpeg($rotate); imagejpeg($rotate,$imageN,100); //free the memory imagedestroy($source); imagedestroy($rotate); $sql = "UPDATE Coupon_list SET product_image_thumb = '$NewImg' WHERE id = '$fileid'"; if (mysqli_query($DBcon, $sql)) { echo "Rotation ok"; echo('<script language="Javascript">opener.window.location.reload(false); window.close();</script>'); } else { echo "Error Rotating: " . mysqli_error($DBcon); } mysqli_close($DBcon); ?> <img src="gears.gif" alt="" />
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