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  1. ya i think thats what il do ..lol thx
  2. the database entry is json format ["http:\/\/server:8080\/9Lx0YfoxZp\/DexfrUxcn\/2107"] and has other fields like name...... cause the panel fetched the info and encodes it in json for output to selected file needed... but i just noticed that it has all entries so database table can contain 15000 streams... so i would need to check and remove duplicates.... or like you say i can use the existing api and read the json but it can take long time if to many results....
  3. hey guys i have a table streams that has multiple columns but i need one and brake the string? stream_source contains ["http:\/\/server:8080\/9Lx0YfoxZp\/DexfrUxcn\/2107"] so i need just : http:\/\/server:8080 as dns 9Lx0YfoxZp as username and DexfrUxcn as password i have tried a few was like this example.. but no luck im guessing its because i first need to remove [" ? SELECT SUBSTRING_INDEX(stream_source, ' \/ ', 1) AS dns, SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING_INDEX(stream_source,' \/ ', 2), ' ',-1) AS mname, SUBSTRING_INDEX(stream_source, ' \/ ', -1) as lname FROM streams;
  4. Hey guys i need to echo this: Up to know i tried lots of combos but can seem to get the Array correctly? it echos : but the [ needs to be at results.... Thx for the help
  5. That works great..love your php style...not there yet...lol
  6. would you know why it dow's one more than en what i ask?is it the select i did?that would calculate 0 as 1? great example il try it out.again thx for the help!
  7. even with a different approach same thing if i put 1 it updates 2 for ($h = 1; $h <= $CreditCount; $h++) echo "<option value='$h'>$h</option>"; echo "</select>";
  8. Uhh stupid me lol So first issue was that i forgot to add AND Status != 'Used' . so it would update a used code..that is why i would not see it .. But the issue i have now is that if i select 1 credit it puts 2 is it because it is like an array that 0 is 1 so it would do 0 then 1 so gives 2? have a feeling it is this: its were i add the user.it gets the amount of credits the user has(code) and puts them in a select for his to select the amount to transfer so he knows how many he can transfer.. $range = range(1,$CreditCount); foreach ($range as $cm) { echo "<option value='$cm'>$cm</option>"; } echo "</select>"; ?>
  9. same issue very odd...it does not update at all... require_once 'config/dbconnect.php'; $userid = strip_tags($_GET['user']); $subid = strip_tags($_GET['newUser']); $cr = strip_tags($_GET['cr']); $userida = $DBcon->real_escape_string($userid); $subida = $DBcon->real_escape_string($subid); $cra = $DBcon->real_escape_string($cr); $stmt = $DBcon->prepare("UPDATE Codes SET UserID = ? WHERE UserID = ? LIMIT ?"); $stmt->bind_param('iii', $subida, $userida, $cra); $stmt->execute(); if(!$stmt->execute()) { echo "Error: " . mysqli_error($DBcon); }else{ echo "Success adding user : $subida with : $cra "; echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=1;url=Subseller.php?success=1 >"; }
  10. Credits stay the same even do the echo says 2 credits from to ...
  11. thats odd i logout login works but after that does not work anymore..even if i logout again...unless its a cash issue..
  12. ok odd it seems to be working now!lol.must of been my session was expirerd?let me test to see Thx!!
  13. im echoing the correct POST credits: 2 Updated! new owner: 36 from owner: 18
  14. ya its odd..why is it not working for me.... ini_set("display_errors", 1); header("Refresh: 30"); require_once 'config/dbconnect.php'; $userid = $_POST['OwnerID']; $subid = $_POST['SubID']; $cr = $_POST['credits']; $stmt = $DBcon->prepare("UPDATE Codes SET UserID = ? WHERE UserID = ? LIMIT ?"); $stmt->bind_param('iii', $subid, $userid, $cr); $stmt->execute(); echo "$userid<br /><br /><em>$cr Updated! $subid</em><br /><br />"; echo "<meta http-equiv=Refresh content=1;url=SwapC.php?success=1 >"; ?>
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