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  1. techker

    IMG Rotate And destroy

    ya i think just need to unlink the old file
  2. techker

    Link file in home dir

    hmm ya i tried htaccess with success..il try a script
  3. techker

    Link file in home dir

    Hey guy's im going nuts on this... i have a linux server(centos 7) i have a directory /home/abc/files... i want to share that or be able to create a link to that file... but seems like the home is not available... is it possible to link to that?
  4. techker

    IMG Rotate And destroy

  5. techker

    IMG Rotate And destroy

    Hey guy's i have a script i did a few months ago and now noticed that it is doing its job but keeps the old file ..so i got the image a few times but on a different angle... how can i optimize this code to delete the old image when doing the rotation? <?php session_start(); include_once 'dbconnect.php'; if (!isset($_SESSION['userSession'])) { header("Location: index.php"); } $degrees = -270; $path = $_GET['Folder']; $file =$_GET['Pic']; $fileid =$_GET['id']; $image = $path.'/'.$file; $imageN = $path.'/New_'.$file; //load the image $source = imagecreatefromjpeg($image); //rotate the image $rotate = imagerotate($source, $degrees, 0); $NewImg='New_'.$file ; //set the Content type //header('Content-type: image/jpeg'); //display the rotated image on the browser //imagejpeg($rotate); imagejpeg($rotate,$imageN,100); //free the memory imagedestroy($source); imagedestroy($rotate); $sql = "UPDATE Coupon_list SET product_image_thumb = '$NewImg' WHERE id = '$fileid'"; if (mysqli_query($DBcon, $sql)) { echo "Rotation ok"; echo('<script language="Javascript">opener.window.location.reload(false); window.close();</script>'); } else { echo "Error Rotating: " . mysqli_error($DBcon); } mysqli_close($DBcon); ?> <img src="gears.gif" alt="" />
  6. techker

    Search from 1 Database linked to another..

    ya i got it cause my AND was before the OR $teamQuery3=mysqli_query($DBcon,"SELECT* FROM MyAlbum LEFT JOIN Coupon_list ON MyAlbum.CouponID =Coupon_list.id WHERE product_cat LIKE '%" . $searchterms . "%' OR product_comp LIKE '%" . $searchterms ."%' OR product_rebate LIKE '%" . $searchterms ."%' OR MyAlbum.CouponID LIKE '%" . $searchterms ."%' AND MyAlbum.UserID = $Seesion"); cause i have a master table that conatains all the coupons. So the member scrolls all the coupons and if he has it he adds it to his album. before i was duplicating the info in the members album.. now what i do is store the id of the master coupon in the MyAlbum database with the qty names....
  7. techker

    Search from 1 Database linked to another..

    sorry, i only need 2 tables and search in my first that links the second to view the coupons by id
  8. Hey Guys im confused on this.. i have 2 tables 1 that is for the client that store the coupons and values 2 is the master list that has all the coupons So basically i show all the coupons from the master Databse and the members clicks add to his Album (Like a shopping cart) So database members MYID UserID CouponID DateIn Visible Precieux QTY_Visible QTY CName Barcode Rebate Exp Database Coupon_list id product_name product_desc product_code product_date_exp product_user product_image product_image_thumb product_status product_qty product_folder product_cat rop product_type product_month Recherche_Nom ImgType product_barcode master product_comp product_rebate IsEditable SO i linked the both together and i need to have a search .this is what i did if(preg_match("/^[0-9- a-zA-Z]+/", $_POST['name'])){ $name=$_POST['name']; $searchterms=preg_replace("/'/", "\'", $name); SELECT* FROM MyAlbum INNER JOIN Coupon_list ON MyAlbum.CouponID=Coupon_list.id WHERE MyAlbum.UserID = $Session AND product_cat LIKE '%" . $searchterms . "%' OR product_comp LIKE '%" . $searchterms ."%' OR product_rebate LIKE '%" . $searchterms ."%' OR id LIKE '%" . $searchterms ."%' But somehow i get all the Members results..not the members album... i need to show the members album results not all the members
  9. techker


    hey guy's anybody know why would i get hacked..removed all my users! Hacked By VandaTheGod Hacked By VandaTheGod
  10. techker

    Concat to Un concat?

    im using the concat instead of making a new entry for every coupon..but if its to much trouble..il revert.lol with this it works.but just not sure what il do with it yet..lol cause i need to fetch the info of each coupon id to get the details $C=$team['CouponsID']; $New=explode(",", $C); foreach($New as $item) { $NewI=$item; }
  11. techker

    Concat to Un concat?

    Hey guys im updating a table with values and using Concat to add the values. $sql = "UPDATE NouvellesEchanges SET CouponsID = CONCAT(CouponsID,'".",".$Coupon."') WHERE EID = '$EID'"; now how to i get the information from the CouponID and separate them? the table holds the the user info and couponID's 125,123,1234,333,33333 i want to show the coupons and remove the (,) so i can have only 125 123..... thx im looking at split(";*",$string); or explode
  12. techker

    Firebase create Topic

    will do!!Thx
  13. techker

    Firebase create Topic

    man..that was a simple fix..lol seen the error was my appid... how can i store the results in my db? i need to parse the json? string(142) "{"notification_key":"APA91bG-LwsEDQynKWH1bPPf5FQJL2D9R4Oi8XXXXXXXbJ4TebsJqRSRgRfwIey96BnDZEszWxk-6ne8bMgVA1KteNNle5WBZCndj2Y0w"}"
  14. techker

    Firebase create Topic

    Even by removing the 2 line i get no text to show? in the console in fidler i see i get a 200 back thats ok but no response output to show the topic key..
  15. techker

    Firebase create Topic

    Hey guy's im messing around with firebase for the first time..I got Send message is working retreive Tokens all good But im stuck on creating Topics for individual notifications.. i started in CURL ,Tried in postman and it works but to add it in php is a different story..What happens is i don't get the response.or any indications that it worked? $authToken = 'key=xxxxxxxxxxx-4-vd8IyE5Zg0D1tlAhLokD1vuZpUWODUSnZAPaVXYTBbEnqedNsHvAJdDwy2cVU9Si8MKNQ78SrNYMaA1vaX'; $project_id='246202749xxxxx'; $data = array( 'operation' => 'create', 'notification_key_name' => 'appUser-2xxxxxx', 'registration_ids' => 'dBkCkjbIGVg:APA91bHTzf5rQHEtLjAv_THs1Kv_KK0uHVj85nC6Qy39CtY3Xke_M2p4YxRLGKloFpuDraWRd5jSGEMMD8N2x3ROlajdSB_7FGnxWnP2K-HNQ-up1Rxxxxxxxxxxx' ); $data_string = json_encode($data); $ch = curl_init('https://android.googleapis.com/gcm/notification'); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST, "POST"); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, $data_string); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array( 'Content-Type: application/json', 'project_id:'.$project_id, 'Authorization: '.$authToken, 'Content-Length: ' . strlen($data_string))); if($result === FALSE){ die('Error'); } return $result; $result = curl_exec($ch); $responseInfo = curl_getinfo($result); $httpResponseCode = $responseInfo['http_code']; ?>

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