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Found 2 results

  1. hi I am trying to add a few line of code using fopen It works and it adds the lines but I have multiple occurrence of this line and I would like to all be amended. $target_line='$second = (int)substr($raw_date, 17, 2);'; $lines_to_add= '$raw_datetime = translate_from_gregorian($raw_datetime);'. PHP_EOL. '$year = (int)substr($raw_datetime, 0, 4);'. PHP_EOL. '$month = (int)substr($raw_datetime, 5, 2);'. PHP_EOL. '$day = (int)substr($raw_datetime, 8, 2);'. PHP_EOL; $config ='includes/functions/general.php'; $file=fopen($config,"r+") or exit("Unable to open file!"); $insertPos=0; // variable for saving //Users position while (!feof($file)) { $line=fgets($file); if (strpos($line,$target_line)!==false) { $insertPos=ftell($file); // ftell will tell the position where the pointer moved, here is the new line after //Users. $newline = $lines_to_add; } else { $newline.=$line; // append existing data with new data of user } } fseek($file,$insertPos); // move pointer to the file position where we saved above fwrite($file, $newline); fclose($file);
  2. I'm still a little bit new to PHP, and I want to ammend the beginning of a text file, moving the previous content toward the end; reading around online the conensus I seem to be finding is that this is not possible with the functions as they are, so I plan to move the conents of a first 'master' file to a second 'hold' file, so I can then ammend the master file with the conents of the hold file afterward; however I'm not sure if it is possible to open two files at once; using some sample code I found online I hashed together this piece of code: /*******************/ /* WRITE TO FILE */ /*******************/ /*pass master news file to the hold file*/ flock($fq, LOCK_EX); //lock file fseek($fq,0); fwrite($fq, $fp, strlen($fp)); flock($fq, LOCK_UN); //unlock file fclose($fq); /*generate new news code*/ $date = date('jS F Y'); $outputstring = "<p><em class="newsheader">".$header."</em> - ".$date."\t"."<br>".$newsbody."</p><br>"; flock($fp, LOCK_EX); //lock file fseek($fp,0); fwrite($fp, $outputstring, strlen($outputstring)); flock($fp, LOCK_UN); //unlock file fclose($fp); echo '<p>News write successful</p>'; The master file is replaced fine, however, the hold file ends up containing "Resource id #1", is it not possible to hold open two files at once?
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