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  1. I am trying to populate a custom field called "Customer Type" current user role. The custom field is displayed on my checkout page. I tried the below in my functions.php of my child theme and thought it would work but it does nothing. Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? $user = wp_get_current_user(); function onboarding_update_fields( $fields = array() ) { $fields['customertype'] = $user; return $fields; } add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields', 'onboarding_update_fields' );
  2. I'd love to use anonymous placeholders on my ecommerce site project. I am writing half with php and half with golang. On the three examples below, when run, gives the following exception, " Error: Call to a member function execute() on string. " I tried it with a decimal too. Thanks in advance. $stmt = $dbo->prepare = ("SELECT * FROM products WHERE ProductName = ?"); //this one calls exception $stmt->execute(); $stmt = $dbo->prepare = ("SELECT * FROM products WHERE ProductName = ?"); //this one calls exception $stmt->bindParam(1, $productID, PDO::PARAM_INT); $stmt->
  3. Hi all, I am trying to get data from MySQL to display in a html table in TCPDF but it is only displaying the ID. $accom = '<h3>Accommodation:</h3> <table cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" border="1" style="text-align:center;"> <tr> <th><strong>Organisation</strong></th> <th><strong>Contact</strong></th> <th><strong>Phone</strong></th> </tr> <tbody> <tr>'. $id = $_GET['id']; $location = $row['location']; $sql = "SELECT * FROM tours WHERE id = $id"; $result = $con->query($
  4. Hello! I found this code from github. https://github.com/gburtini/Learning-Library-for-PHP and I want to know if its possible to add variables to it and what changes needed to be done to the whole script. My first guess is the variables are $xs and $ys I want replace them and add two more. The whole code is here: <?php require_once 'function.php'; function ll_nn_predict($xs, $ys, $row, $k) { $distances = ll_nearestNeighbors($xs, $row); $distances = array_slice($distances, 0, $k); $predictions = array(); foreach($distances as
  5. The $a variable contains the news text. The $link variable contains a link to the page with the full text of this news. Need to write the abbreviated text of the news in the $b variable according to the rules: - crop up to 180 characters - assign an ellipsis - make the last 2 words and ellipsis a link to the full text of the news.
  6. Hi everyone. Please help me please. I'm just learning PHP. There was a task, I completed it, but they sent a response that it needs to be modified. You need to make changes: "When saving data, you need to take into account the keys of the new data and the data stored in the database(file), if the value with the key in the database(file) already exists, then you need to replace its value with a new one." and "The FileBox and DbBox classes should be implemented in such a way that you can not create more than one instance of each of the classes." Googled and came across what i need to apply
  7. Hi everyone. I'm very new into self learning programming. Presently I'm trying to develop a simple basic Robot that would only Place a Market Order every seconds and it will cancel the Order every followed seconds. Using the following library: https://docs.b2bx.exchange/en/_docs/api-reference.html#private-api It would place Trade Order at a ( Price = ex.com api * Binance api Aggregate Trades Price) I have already wrote the api to call for xe.com exchange rate with php <?php $auth = base64_encode("username:password"); $context = stream_context_create([ "http" => [
  8. Hello everyone. I'm just learning programming. I have a class: class DbBox extends BoxAbstract { public function save() { } public function load() { } } This class has two methods, Load and Save. How to format them correctly so that they can save data to a file?
  9. Hi guys, I really hope this will make sense. I am creating a dynamic field on a button click for Pickup Location. That works fine and submitting the form to the database works fine. However, instead of one entry, each time I submit the form with multiple Pickup Locations, it creates multiple separate database entries. Here is the PHP for submitting: if(isset($_POST['new']) && $_POST['new']==1){ $pickups = ''; foreach($_POST['pickups'] as $cnt => $pickups) $pickups .= ',' .$pickups; $locations = count($_POST["pickups"]); if ($locations > 0) { for ($
  10. Hi all, Hope to find you all good. I have the following, which creates a php file. This works fine and without error. However, once created, the content of the page, which is got from the Database, is not showing. <?php include_once('includes/header.php'); if(isset($_POST['new']) && $_POST['new']==1){ if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $trn_date = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, date("Y-m-d H:i:s")); $name = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['name']); $description = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['description']); $body = mysqli_real_escape_strin
  11. Is there any function in php lib that does the following $a = 1238; $n = 48; // 1*2*3*8 or I will have to create one for my script? (I want to do it for both client and server sides based on request sent by user. I actually want it in php that is why i asked it here, but if the solution (as function) is available in javascript (not jQuery) please share or guide me.)
  12. I have 11 news then i want to display like first column need only one news second column need 5 news third column need the rest of 5 news I tried this but no luck, it shows first column and second column and the rest outside column $rows = array( 'Title1', 'Title2', 'Title3', 'Title4', 'Title5', 'Title6', 'Title7', 'Title8', 'Title
  13. Hi, this query runs fine when I run it from PHPMyAdmin: UPDATE `tran_term_taxonomy` SET `description` = (SELECT keyword from `good_keywords` ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1,1) WHERE `tran_term_taxonomy`.`taxonomy` = 'post_tag' AND `tran_term_taxonomy`.`description` = "" LIMIT 1 However, when I run the same query in a PHP file on my server, the page doesn't load at all. The message I get is: www.somesite.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500. This is my PHP code: <?php include("/database/connection/path/db_connect.php"); $result4 = mysqli_query($GLOBALS["__
  14. I've been working on JSON and have found a way to send variables from the PHP to the JavaScript using AJAX and no JQuery. For an ecommerce site does it make more sense to send the variables : description, title, cost, etc. to the JavaScript page, or would it make more sense to echo the html on the PHP page? The idea, right now, is a product page for editing and deleting product. Thanks, Josh
  15. If yall have a moment go read my introductions. The short version is that I lost a lot of my memory due to a fall I had in 2014 while working for the big blue retail store with one or two registers open! haha. I am not allowed to talk about it so maybe you will know who I am referring too. Anyhow before that I was pretty knowledgeable and was doing great at fixing things as they came up. Now unfortunately while working on something my mind sometimes slips and I forget what I was working on and cant solve issues. The last couple of days has been a struggle for me. I have a error showing up and
  16. I am generating a csv dynamically and getting it downloaded from php but after download the csv only contain the data from database not the heading or the column name of the database. example: my table contain "users" as column name and it has 4 rows like "ram" "sam" "hari" "sita". then after download of csv, the csv is showing only ram, sam, hari sita not the column name users. How to do that? because it is difficult to know who the ram sam are,, are they any vegetables or users
  17. I am a university student. What are the sample programs we can do with php? Can those who have php codes share about this subject? Thanks in advance
  18. Good morning. I need to subtract stock levels from oldest stock first then to the next date. It is allowed to move into negative values. example 01-10 stock in 10 stock out 5 - stock count 5 02-10 stock in 10 stock out 7 stock count ... here we need to subtract the 7 from previous days 5 til it reches 0 then stock in subtraction 01-10 stock =0 02-10 stock = 8 --- as 7 -5 gives me -2 in incoming stock is 10 leaving me with stock count of 8. 03-10 stock in 8 stock out 21 02-10 stck level must be 0 03-10 stock lever now is 8-14 = -6 and so on
  19. HI all, I am building a php application and i am wanting to use notifications. At the moment i am just wanting to understand the methodology behind this. I dont necessarily have a use case for these notifications yet but i am going to base it off of the following: A user submits something to the database, another user gets a notifications that this has happened. I see the notifications being something appearing in the header bar (saying "you have a notification"...) I know that i will need to use ajax for this and JS/JQ but i am not really sure where to start with thi
  20. Hi - I want to add to a php form a button which will open a pop-up window with records (names of people) and associated radio buttons. On click on respective name's radio button and SUBMIT, parent form textbox is populated. (list of names will be dynamically be selected fro MySQL table). Any suggestions? Many thanks! IB.
  21. Good day I have three tables - receiving - shipping and stock movement. everyday i transfer into stock movent the sum of receining with date - havein a stock movent entry per day - I also at end of day update with shipping for that day, in stock table I calculate ne stock level. my problem is that when three days bac i stil have stock i need to start subtracting from oldest entry first till it reaches 0 the move over to second eldest? i have no idea where to start or how to achieve this
  22. What is the best table structure when constructing what will be a potentially large multi-user platform? Example- Each user inputs their own individualized information into a table, for recall only to that specific user and to certain other users defined as administrators or half-administrators super users. Would it be better to store this all in a single table, or to give each user their own individual table on formation of the account?
  23. I wrote this really nice posting system for a site I'm working on. Problem is, I messed it up somehow, and now I can retrieve $_POST variables so I can post stuff to a MySQL database. I'm really new to PHP, and I have no idea what I did wrong. HTML code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no"> <meta name="description" content="The PPC Planet software archive."> <meta name="author" content="JohnS and VP44"> <title>PPC P
  24. Hello, I have a sample shop that generates a receipt on products purchased. When a user checks out it generates a receipt as a pdf file using dompdf. If i select a few products and generate a pdf file its ok it shows the products and total price, however if i choose lots of products, too many to fit on one page then when i generate a pdf it only show the first page the rest of the products and the total price are not displayed on page 2 ? Here is the bit of the code that generates the pdf sorry i am not very experienced in this stuff i am trying to learn ! $options = n
  25. Good morning. I'm doing this project but I'm stuck when the app need to match the dropdown result with the scan result of qr code. What should I do? Thanks in advance to everyone. <!doctype html> <html dir=ltr style="overflow-x: hidden;padding: 0px;width: 100%;"> <head> <meta charset=utf-8> <meta http-equiv=X-UA-Compatible content="IE=edge"> <meta name=viewport content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <title></title> <meta name="description" content=""> <meta name="author" content="SoftMat"> <link media="a
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