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Found 4 results

  1. Howdy ya'll . . . I am a new member here. My background with html & css is all self-taught, but I have no knowledge of PHP so I am here looking for some expert help with a problem I am having with a comments script that I have on some of the pages of my new website. So, because of my ignorance when it comes to PHP, please be gentle with me. LOL So here is my problem: I am using the comments script from Script Mills in the sidebar of my website. I have overcome the first big obstacle - got it installed and working. I posted a test comment and it worked, but I do not like the way the posted comment shows on the page. I have searched all the script folders for a style sheet and can't find one. So my question is: how does one go about styling/changing the way the output of a script like this posts to the page? If you need to see what I am talking about, the page http://pickmysmoker.com/cb_offset_smoker_1280.php and if it will help to understand what I am trying to do, feel free to post anything to the comment and see how it posts. In particular, I would like to move the comments further down in the sidebar and utilize more of the sidebar area so that the comments take up more of the width. I hope my question makes sense and there is someone here that can offer me some help/advice/guidenance in getting this squared away. Thanks in advance . . .
  2. Hi guys, It's a simple question really (just getting used to php - actionscript 3.0 developer!) but I need to know how I can pass a CSS class into the arguments in a PHP function, then have it apply that style to text in html. What I have so far is: <?php function addText($text,$class) { ?> <div class= $class > <p><?php echo $text ?></p> </div> <?php } ?> But it doesn't work, the <div class = $class > should be different I think. Anybody got a solution?
  3. I have a table displaying database data and there's a "Dead" button next to each row for users to click when the information in that row is dead. When the button is clicked the info in the row is crossed out. Now this works, but the change isnt permanent. When I refresh the page, the row is no longer crossed out. I think I have to set cookies.. ? but I am unsure on how to do this. Are there any tutorials or something I can watch on this. Just looking at http://php.net/manual/en/function.setcookie.php is not helping. I'm reading it and my brain is like.. what?!?! How do I apply that to what I want to do? Here's my code php <?php while($row = $data->fetch_assoc()) { ?> <tr> <td><?php echo $row['title']; ?> </td> <td><?php echo $row['requester']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row['reward']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row['qual']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row['time']; ?></td> <td><?php echo $row['category']; ?></td> <td><a href="<?php $row['link']; ?>"><button class="btn btn-mini btn-primary" type="button">Do This Hit</button></a></td> <td><button class="btn btn-danger btn-mini dead" type="button">Dead</button></td> </tr> <?php } ?> and here's my javascript $('table').on('click','.dead',function(){ $(this).parent().siblings().css({textDecoration: 'line-through'}); }); I'm just totally stuck right now, so any help is appreciated. Also, if cookies arent the way to go, please feel free to suggest other ways. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, Im learning to code, i followed some tutorials online on how to make a simple social network website.. I have the bare bones of the sight but it looks shocking and theres a few errors... www.just-vent.com now... I want o create a pretty cool layout for all my content, and im just beginning with code... Is there any simple way of taking my code and applying it to a new style with little coding? Or would anyone be able to wedit my stylesheet if i send over the existing code and a file with all the slices and a note document with all the dimensions? I tried playing around with error after error :/ Cheers Guy
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