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Found 1 result

  1. I followed a tutorial sometime back and now I want to use this script unfortunately the tutorial at the time did not cover what I am looking for but I did end up with the code below. I am wanting to have an active class dependant on users selection. I would appreciate any help. <?php echo '<ul id="nav">'; $cat_sql="SELECT * FROM administration"; $cat_query=mysqli_query($con, $cat_sql); // calling data put into associative array $cat_rs=mysqli_fetch_assoc($cat_query); do{ ?> <li><a <?php if ($current_page == "name") { ?><?php } ?>href="index.php?page=<?php echo $cat_rs['link_name']; ?>"><?php echo $cat_rs['name']; ?></a></li> <?php } while ($cat_rs=mysqli_fetch_assoc($cat_query)); echo "</ul>"; ?> <!-- need to add - class='active' --> The code above gets the field names for the buttons but I am unable to work out how to have an active class. The code is messy but have been trying all sorts to sort this. Thanks again for any pointers/help.
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