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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Here is my problem https://jsfiddle.net/mphur5eq/14/ I have two tables on the left section1 on top and section2 at the bottom each section has its own button to insert row section 1 has different number of fields than that on section 2. the problem is when i clicked on New Row on section 2 it clones the row from section 1 which is wrong, it should clone the row of the section where it belongs. can you help me with this? Thank you
  2. neilfurry

    Clone Loosing Click Event

    hi mate its me again asking questions on jquery clone. As solved before, i have a form that contains rows that is being cloned. (works perfect). Make a Copy of that form to the right side (Works great) here is my problem, when i make a copy of that form to the right the click event is lost on the New Row button to the form on the right. can you help me with this? Here is a working jsfiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/mphur5eq/5/
  3. neilfurry

    jQuery, Clone, Append

    Hello Mate, I have another question with clone or append. I have two div's containing form with tables in between of the divs is "Copy" button. Now, When i click on Copy, what ever is on the left side form will be copied to the right side form... so basically im confused on what to use or how to implement. Thank you in advance.,
  4. danjapro

    Help with append Loop

    Trying to simply append each error message into the error.message div. We can get only one of the error messages at time to display in notification div. We just want each field with error to display in notification div. Can anyone give some direction, we mssing: Error Message loop if((data.row_id).length > 0) { $.each(data, function(error_code, message ) { if(errorCode == $.trim(data.error_code) && errorCode != -1 ){ error_message = data.message; return false; } }); } Print out Error Message(display) var spanerrorgen = $('.error.message').contents().find('h4').html(error_message); var appenderrorgen = $('.error.message').contents().find('h4'); $($fieldref).each(function(){ $(spanerrorgen).append(appenderrorgen); }); errorFields.notify.showNotification(".error");

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