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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, here's a question for the collective conscience that is PHP Freaks. How do you overcome a serious (or even moderate) case of Developers Block... I mean I'm hang'en round forums, answering posts, playing my guitar, talking to the walls, you name it. Just can't seem to get past a particular juncture in an development process. It's not a syntactical issue and I have a road map and all that best practice stuff... Its a motivation issue. You get about 5K + lines of code in to a project and POW... You hit a wall... Any and all suggestions are appreciated and will likely be at least considered as viable options.
  2. Hello all, I'm thinking about updating a website and using PHP to cater to all the types of users (e.g. => LT/DT/Mobile Devices, etc...). The best adaptation I've seen to mobile that promotes visibility is what GoDaddy has done. There is a big difference between their homepage and their mobile equivalent. Here they are: https://www.godaddy.com/ http://www.godaddymobile.com/ Does anyone here have any links to some good resources I can use to try and get the same kind of setup going with PHP or any of the frameworks that have been built with it? I've never used frameworks like Zend or any of the CMS platforms that are out there like Wordpress. Any advice on what is the best option here? It looks like what GoDaddy has done is basically redirected users appropriately and used 2 completely separate domains to cater to as many people as they can. Does it seem like that to anyone else too? thanks.
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