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Found 2 results

  1. Im doing an adult model filter and I have the html but I need the php. I am new so bear with me. I apologize for the adult verbage. <div class="modelsearch"> <span style='color: black; font-size: 16px; position: relative; left: 5px; bottom: 5px;'>Available For:</span><span style='color: black; font-size: 16px; position: relative; left: 500px; bottom: 5px;'>More Options:</span> <form id="form1" name="form1" method="get" action="femaletalent-talent.php"> <div class="columnsearch"> <input name="anal" type="checkbox" id="anal" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Anal</label><br><input name="bbg" type="checkbox" id="bbg" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">BBG</label><br> <input name="bg" type="checkbox" id="bg" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">BG</label><br><input name="bgg" type="checkbox" id="bgg" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">BGG</label> <br> <input name="bisexual" type="checkbox" id="bisexual" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal2">Bi-Sexual</label> </div> <div class="columnsearch"> <input name="blowbang" type="checkbox" id="blowbang" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal3">Blowbang</label> <br> <input name="blowjob" type="checkbox" id="blowjob" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal4">Blowjob</label> <br> <input name="bondage" type="checkbox" id="bondage" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal5">Bondage</label> <br> <input name="creampie" type="checkbox" id="creampie" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal6">Creampie</label> <br> <input name="dp" type="checkbox" id="dp" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal7">DP</label> </div> <div class="columnsearch"> <input name="deepthroat" type="checkbox" id="deepthroat" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal9">Deepthroat</label> <br> <input name="fetish" type="checkbox" id="fetish" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal10">Fetish</label> <br> <input name="gg" type="checkbox" id="gg" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal11">GG</label> <br> <input name="gganal" type="checkbox" id="gganal" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal12">GG Anal</label> <br> <input name="ggonly" type="checkbox" id="ggonly" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal13">GG ONLY</label> </div> <div class="columnsearch"> <input name="gangbang" type="checkbox" id="gangbang" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal14">Gangbang</label> <br> <input name="group" type="checkbox" id="group" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal15">Group</label> <br> <input name="handjob" type="checkbox" id="handjob" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal16">Handjob</label> <br> <input name="interracial" type="checkbox" id="interracial" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal17">Interracial</label> <br> <input name="softcoreonly" type="checkbox" id="softcoreonly" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal18">Soft Core only</label> </div> <div class="columnsearch"> <input name="solo" type="checkbox" id="solo" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> Solo <br> <input name="squirting" type="checkbox" id="squirting" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal19">Squirting</label> <br> <input name="stills" type="checkbox" id="stills" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> Stills <br> <input name="swallow" type="checkbox" id="swallow" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> Swalllow <br> <input name="webcam" type="checkbox" id="webcam" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> Webcam </div> <div class="columnsearch"><input name="teen" type="checkbox" id="teen" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Teen</label><br><input name="early20s" type="checkbox" id="early20s" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Early 20's</label> <br> <input name="late20s" type="checkbox" id="late20s" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Late 20's</label><br><input name="milf" type="checkbox" id="milf" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Milf/Cougar</label> <br><input name="storesignings" type="checkbox" id="storesignings" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> Store Signings <label for="anal"></label></div> <div class="columnsearch"><input name="speaksspanish" type="checkbox" id="speaksspanish" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Speaks Spanish</label><br><input name="featuredancer" type="checkbox" id="featuredancer" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Feature Dancer</label> <br> <input name="flexible" type="checkbox" id="flexible" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Flexible</label><br><input name="allnatural" type="checkbox" id="allnatural" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">All Natural</label> <br><input name="smokes" type="checkbox" id="smokes" value="1" onClick="submitform()"> <label for="anal">Smokes</label></div> <div style='height: 105px;'><input name="Reset" type="reset" style="float: left; position: relative; top:70px; font-size: 20px; ' name=; background-color: #00F; color: white; border-radius: 8px;" onClick="resetform()"> </form> </div> I need some help with this
  2. Maybe I am trying do the impossible I want to create a subscription form in which a user can choose from 3 different magazine subscriptions with check boxes and then choose with raidio buttons the number of months for the subscription. It doesn't pass through my data validation. I am not sure if my I am addressing the multi- dimensional array correctly. And I am not sure if use of check boxes and radio buttons is a good approach. Well anyway thanks for your help in advance. order_summaryv3.phpsubscribev3.phporder_summaryv3.php
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