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Found 2 results

  1. how can i change gateway from affiliategateways.com to www.cpalead.com ?
  2. Hi! I want to create a PHP site with added SMS functionality (dating services site). I was suggested a gateway to use as the engine (google: ozekisms.com/index.php?owpn=422). I will use Mysql database to puit the records in it. As the documentation mentions PHP website can send SMS messages by simply placing records into a mysql database table called ozekimessageout. So I can create HTML form, that the visitors of the website will fill in. When the form is submitted I am able to create record in the ozekimessagout database table using an SQL INSERT statement. See example: <HTML> <BODY> <H1> Send an SMS </H1> <?php $phonenum = $_GET['phonenum']; $messagetext = $_GET['messagetext']; if ($phonenum<>'') { $conn = mysql_connect("localhost", 'ozeki', 'abc123'); if (!$conn) { die('Could not connect to database ' . mysql_error()); } mysql_select_db('ozekisms'); $sql = "INSERT INTO ozekimessageout (receiver,msg,status) ". "VALUES ('$phonenum','$messagetext','send')"; mysql_query($sql); mysql_close($conn); echo "The message has been submitted for sending <br><br>"; } ?> <FORM action=send.php METHOD=GET> Mobil phone number: <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" SIZE="16" NAME="phonenum" VALUE="+44777888999"> <br> <TEXTAREA NAME="messagetext" ROWS=5 COLS=40>Hello world</TEXTAREA> <br> <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE=SEND> </FORM> </BODY> </HTML> To receive SMS messages all Ihave to do is select the records from the ozekimessagin database table. This can be done by issuing a simple SQL SELECT statement. <HTML> <BODY> <H1>List incoming messages</H1> <?php $conn = mysql_connect("localhost", 'ozeki', 'abc123'); mysql_select_db('ozekisms'); $sql = "SELECT sender,senttime,msg FROM ozekimessagein ORDER BY senttime desc"; $res = mysql_query($sql); $cn = mysql_num_rows($res); for ($x=0;$x<$cn;$x++) { list ($sender,$senttime,$msg) = mysql_fetch_row($res); echo "<li>$senttime, <b>$sender</b>, $msg"; } mysql_close($conn); ?> </BODY> </HTML> Maybe you can get some useful idea from this description and if you have better solutions to insert or select records into Mysql database, please share with me. TX, Boris
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