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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I am using the git for versioning a project running on a VM running linux. I have made n number of commits on the remote repo in bitbucket. Now I wish to develop the same project on another VM running linux and the aws beanstalk(EB) library/package. So while the code is same the environments are different. There are EB related folders on the aws eb machine that are not there on the first VM. I don't want to mix the two since that would surely result in a lot of confusion. I can keep the two ( or can i ?) on two separate branches from here on but then the code that is being modified on one branch is not available on the other !!!??? But this would make it difficult or rather impossible to develop the code in both branches simultaneously. i.e. if I make changes to the code in the 2nd VM, it would not reflect in the code in the 1st VM and vice versa. I would have to copy code from the 2nd VM and manually paste it into the 1st VM and then commit to that branch and while that can work, If I made n changes to reach at a certain functionality,I would lose the intermediate changes , in the 1st VM, that i made in the 2nd VM to reach where it is. Is there any way to keep the code same simultaneously in both branches? If not then would it not be better simply create a fresh repository instead of a branch ? hmmm !! It's kind of confusing so I hope I am able to explain this sanely enough to make sense to the gurus ! Thanks all !
  2. Hi all Below is an image of my git with labels. As you can see there are 3 branches and a master. I created the branch B3 from B2 and B2 from B1 but i guess for git all seem to come from the master ulimately ( I mean the trunk of the tree is common to all). The pen-ultimate commit comes from the production server. I then cloned that into my local machine where I wish to develop and test locally. That is the basic idea - to develop and test locally and then push to the repo. From there pull the changes to the server and run it there. Continue to develop and test locally and then push again to repo. Then pull the changes to the server and continue the cycle. So I made a small test change and pushed it to the repo. All is fine. However when I pull the branch into the server, it wants to merge B2 into B3 which is not what I intend to do. I just want to continue to develop along B3 and leave B2 alone where it is. Is this possible? Is there a better way to achieve what I am trying to? Thanks all.
  3. sKunKbad

    Git merge

    I use git every day, but don't do much with branches because I work alone. I'm curious about something related to the branches, when a new branch is on a remote, and then it needs to be fetched and merged separately from the master branch. So pretend I'm on the master branch on my machine: git checkout -b develop # I make changes to files on develop git add . git commit -am "I have made changes to develop" git push origin develop Now there is a develop branch on the remote. Somebody else now fetches and merges (they are on master): git fetch origin # git shows that there is a new branch develop, and merge is also required for origin/master Normally without the develop branch, I would run this command from master: git merge origin/master Do I also need to checkout develop and merge origin/develop? # Do I need to do this too? git checkout develop git merge origin/develop Is there a way to merge all branches with their remote counterparts, all in one command?
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