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Found 2 results

  1. PHP is owner of image directory with "permissions 660." Why can't PHP write to it? (a "permission denied" error is generated.) But if I allow execute permission ("760") then it works. Why?? My script is: $imagePath = '../imageDirectory/'.gif'; $image = imagecreatefromstring(base64_decode($raw_image_data)); $rotate = imagerotate($image,-90,0); imagegif($rotate,'../imageDirectory/'.gif'); Is it because the imagerotate and imagegif functions need the execute requirements to be able to monkey with the image? Thank you. Sub question (maybe more important than the first question): PHP is configured to run as "user = www-data" and "group = www-data" I am also a member of the group "www-data." For me to be able to read and delete files in that aforementioned imageDirectory, should the imageDirectory be chown www-data:www-data ?? or chown myself:www-data ?? (both styles work) Thank you.
  2. Hi all ! What are the best permissions, on a VPS, that should be set on files and folders that contains : 1. php scripts, library or included or required files containing php code. ? 2. a folder that only contains uploaded images by the users remotely. ( Like a picture of a user on filling a form ) ? I would be grateful with suggestion and the reasoning for the same as well as who would need to own those permission. I have read quite a bit about the permissions but together with this ownership business it kind of confuses me utterly. Thanks
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