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Found 5 results

  1. hello dear php-experts, i am currently workin on a litte contact manager. and i want to store the data in a db. Note: i work with Python at the moment. So this is related to Python since i want to dive into Peewee. What is aimed: i am musing on how to insert a list of tuples into the db using Peewee (/note the pyton object-layer-model). My db is setup as follows: class Stats(Model): name = TextField(index=True) gender = TextField() age = TextField() city = TextField() state = TextField() class Meta: database = db My list of tuples looks like this: records = [("Joe Smoe", "Male", 34, "Joe Fracer", " Staten Island")], [("Jane Doe", "Female", 21, "Jane bell", "Capetown")] Well - i wonder how to work out the concrete db-inserts. Should I iterate over the list inserting one row at a time? Can this be bulk inserted or does it need to be made into a dictionary to achieve that solution? i have rows like so (see below). I can do this manually. Of course: rows = [ {"name": "Joe Jackson", "gender": "Male", "age": 44, "city": "Billi Kid ", "state": "Mosqow"}, {"name": "Howard Foster", "gender": "Female", "age": 22, "city": "Jane Austen", "state" :"Capetown"}, ... ] Well - one can do this manually. But honestly: isnt it much better and a lot more efficient to use peewee's Model.insert_many function to do a bulk insert of the data into the database - well with a single SQL INSERT statement? Love to hear from you experts, your dilbert!
  2. hello dear community, i am currently workin on a little python programme that does some extracting from BS4 and storing as list elements in Python. As i am fairly new to Python i need some help with that. Nonetheless, I'm trying to write a very simple Spider for web crawling. Here's my first approach: I need to fetch the data out of this page: http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/evs-organisation_en Firstly, I do a view on the page source to find HTML elements? view-source:https://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/evs-organisation_en i have to extract data wrapped within multiple HTML tags from the above mentioned webpage using BeautifulSoup4. I have to stored all of the extracted data in a list. But I want each of the extracted data as separate list elements separated by a comma. here we have the HTML content structure: <div class="view-content"> <div class="row is-flex"></span> <div class="col-md-4"></span> <div class </span> <div class= > <h4 Data 1 </span> <div class= Data 2</span> <p class= <i class= <strong>Data 3 </span> </p> <p class= Data 4 </span> <p class= Data 5 </span> <p><strong>Data 6</span> <div class=</span> <a href="Data 7</span> </div> </div> well an approach would be: from urllib.request import urlopen as uReq from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as soup import urllib my_url ='http://europa.eu/youth/volunteering/evs-organisation_en' uClient = uReq(my_url) page_html = uClient.read() uClient.close() page_soup = soup(page_html, "html.parser") cc = page_soup.findAll("td",{"class":""}) for i in range(10): print(cc[0+i].text, i) guess i need some slight changes to code in order to get the thing working.- Code to extract: for data in elem.find_all('span', class_=""): This should give an output: data = [ele.text for ele in soup.find_all('span', {'class':'NormalTextrun'})] print(data) Output: [' Data 1 ', ' Data 2 ', ' Data 3 ' and so forth] question: / i need help with the extraction part... love to hear from you yours dilbert
  3. So I just started watching the videos from Stanford, Google, MIT and a few on youtube. One of them contained the code for using tkinter function to create an application window and I tried to put the same type of thing together can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong cause nothing is happeing for me. I am running linux mint: # - So this is what it feels like # - To be alive #!/user/bin/python import sys author = "Brian T. Flores" version = "0.1" sessionID = 0 #Get Interface from Tkinter import * #initialize interface root = Tk() #modify root window info root.title("Unknown Limits - Massive Multiplayer RPG") root.geometry("200x100") #initialize root window root.mainloop() #if session is > 0: #Get Player Info UserName = "Brian Flores" Password = "enterprise" rank = 32 #planetOverview planetName = "Earth" plasmaOnhand = 1000000000 titainiumOnhand = 340000 crystalOnhand = 55000000 magneticEnergyOnhand = 350000 ecosystem = "No" # yes or no depending on wars or natural disasters that could have damaged or destroyed your ecosystem if there is no ecosystem the atmosphere must be cleaned up and another must be transplanted from another world. ecosystemDamage = 10000; #Damage can result from experiments, wars, natural disasters. At 10,000 damage the ecosystem goes extinct. You can repair this damage my researching technologies and building machines to do such repair # else: # print "You are not logged in!"; # raw_input() Well for some reason it's not working. All I am doing here is setting some vars and using the root.tk function. If anyone has any Ideas or tips to get this basic script working let me know. Thank you, DaRedHead
  4. hello dear PHP-experts, i am pretty new in python - so do not bear with me. i tried to dive into python whith a little contact-manager. But at the moment i think i what is even more important - to find a good ide - that helps me. I have the code written in a notepad - but that is not the apropiate method i guess. So first of all - i need an advice - to a good editor. BTW; the code looks not very pthonic - since i have no good editor. And yes: i guess that there are some quotes are missing. how to proceed? love to hear from you . greetings def main(): friends = [] for i nin range(2): print ("content manager") name = input ("Enter name: ") phone = input ("Enter phone: ") email = input ("Enter email: ") friends.append([name, phone, email]) for i nin range(len (friends)) : print ("Contact info") for j nin range(len (friends[1])) : print (friends [i][j]") if __name__ ==* __main__* main() name - instance variabels phone email getName getters getPhone getEmail setPhone setters setEmail class Person (object) # the Person class defines a person in terms of a name, phone-number and email-adress # constructor def __init__ (self, thename, thePhone, theEmail): self. name = theName self. phone = thePhone self. email = theEmail # accessor methods (getters) def getName(self): return self.name def getPhone(self): return self.phone def getEmail(self): return self.email # mutator methods (setters) def setPhone (self,newPhoneNumber): self.hone = newPhoneNumber def setEmail (self,newEmailAdress): self.email = newEmailAdress def__str__ (self): return Person [name + self.name+\ phone + self.phone * \ email + self.email * \ "]" def main(): friend = Person ("Jill", 555-1111", "jbusi@gmail.org") print (frindd1.getEmail()) frind1.setEmail("jbush@gmail.com) print frind1.getEmail() if __name__ ==* __main__* main() def lookup_a_friend (friends): found false name input (Enter name to lookup:) for friend in friends: if name in friend.getName(): print (friend) found = True if not found: print("no friends match that term") def show all friends (friends): print ("showing all contacts: ") for friends in frineds: print friends def main(): friends = [] running = True while running: print (*\nContacts Manager*) print (*1) new contact 2) lookup*) print( *3) show all 4 end *) option = input (*>*) if option == "1" : friends.append(enter_a_friend()) elif option =="2": lookup _a_friend(friends) eilf opton =="3": show_all_friends(friends)
  5. Dear Friends , I am working on a simple python instantiation program given below. I got name error. class adder: result = 0 def __init__(self, number1, number2): #self.result = int( number1 ) + int( number2 ) self.number1 = number1 self.number2 = number2 def giveResult(self): #return str(self.result) return self.number1 + self.number2 endIt = False while ( endIt == False ): print "Please input two intergers you wish to add: " number1 = raw_input( "Enter the first number: " ) number2 = raw_input( "Enter the second number: " ) print number1 print number2 try: thistime=adder(int(number1),int(number2)) except NameError: print "Some error" print "Sorry, one of your values was not a valid integer." continue print "Your result is: " + thistime.giveResult() goagain = raw_input( "Do you want to eXit or go again? ('X' to eXit, anything else to continue): " ) if ( goagain == "x" or goagain == "X" ): endIt = True I got error as Enter the first number: 90 Enter the second number: 78 90 78 Some error Sorry, one of your values was not a valid integer. Please input two intergers you wish to add: Please advise Thanks Anes
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