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Found 1 result

  1. i'am trying to get the users rank so i can display their rank in a div.. i.e you are 30 out of 400 users at getting sales. So far i ve managed to get the order of the users but thats it: i count the date_mades as sales made to get the totals. SELECT usr_id, count(date_made) as dater, @curRank := @curRank + 1 AS rank FROM firsts group BY usr_id order by dater desc gives me : usr_id dater rank 1 20 NULL 16 3 NULL 3 2 NULL 5 1 NULL 9 1 NULL 22 1 NULL 25 1 NULL i found this answer (Attached snippet) but i just get red crosses all over the statement when i try and run it: does anyone else get errors just pasting this into their phpmyadmin? is it a parser problem or syntax? SELECT pid, name, age, rank FROM (SELECT pid, name, age, @curRank := IF(@prevRank = age, @curRank, @incRank) AS rank, @incRank := @incRank + 1, @prevRank := age FROM players p, ( SELECT @curRank :=0, @prevRank := NULL, @incRank := 1 ) r ORDER BY age) s
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