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Found 2 results

  1. Hi people, I'm having a problem with my SQL query which is not doing what I would like. I have this query: SELECT a. id, a.kataloski_broj, SUM(a.quantity) AS zbroj, entry_type_desc, posting_date, item_category, product_group, b.nabavna_cijena as neto_nabavna, b.neto_VPC, b.preporucena_VPC, c.nabavna_cijena as rabat_nabavna, c.VPC, d.VPC as NAV_VPC, d.PVPC as NAV_PVPC FROM prodaja_zaliha a LEFT JOIN kalkulacija_stavke b ON a.kataloski_broj = b.kataloski_broj LEFT JOIN kalkulacija_stavke_rabat c ON a.kataloski_broj = c.kataloski_broj LEFT JOIN katalog_pribora_item d ON a.kataloski_broj = d.kataloski_broj_NAV WHERE a.entry_type_desc = 'Prodaja' AND YEAR(a.posting_date) = '2015' AND a.kataloski_broj = 'M1200' GROUP BY a.id ASC The problem is that it returns SUM(a.quantity) AS zbroj in 1432 quantity, while there is actually 182 quantity in DB. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hi, I am trying to add values together in my while loop, so far I have: $q->query($DB, $SQL); while($avrating=$q->getrow()): $averageratings = $avrating['sum(rating)'] / $noofreviews; $overallaverage = round($averageratings, 2) + round($averageratings, 2); echo '<p>'.$avrating['rating_name'].': '.round($averageratings, 2).'</p>'; endwhile; echo 'x'.$overallaverage; $overallaverage += $overallaverage / 10; echo 'The Average: '.$overallaverage; from this, I get: x7.34The Average: 8.074 the total shold be: 42.34 then dived by 10 should be 4.23
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