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Found 2 results

  1. I have a text file that consists of 200 lines that are delimited with the # sign. Each five lines in the text file make up one record for a mysqli database. That means, of course, that the 200 lines in the text file make up 40 records. I am trying to find a way to read 5 lines of text at a time, (1 record), assign them to variables and INSERT INTO the database, until all 40 records in the text file have been read and inserted. I can get it to display each record on the screen using this code: $handle = fopen("testfile.txt", "rb"); $delimiter = "#"; while (!feof($handle) ) { for ($x = 1; $x < 5; $x++) { $line = fgets($handle); $data = explode($delimiter, $line); foreach($data as $v) { echo nl2br($v) . "\n\n"; } } } fclose($handle); but I can’t figure out how to assign them to variables to insert into the MySQLi database. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, I have the following code to add a new line in a text file: if(!empty($name)){ $fp = fopen($croom."_test.txt", 'a'); fwrite($fp, '<div id="'.$id.'"><b>'.$name.'</b>: '.$msg.'<br/></div>'.PHP_EOL); fclose($fp); } Everytime this is executed, the text file will grow like this: <div id="234"><b>Jake</b>: blabla<br/></div> <div id="345"><b>Sam</b>: sfsfe<br/></div> <div id="234"><b>Jake</b>: yyujyuj<br/></div> <div id="098"><b>Bob</b>: bnhngn<br/></div> In time this text file will grow huge. I want to prevent this by overwriting the line containing a certain word/ id (lets say: 234) In the example above you see that Jake is in there twice, this should not be allowed. The second line from Jake should overwrite the first line from him, so each id has just 1 line of text in the text file. How to do this? How to edit my code above to achieve this? Hope anyone can help. Many thanks A coding newbie
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