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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I need some help here! I want to find a way to do this: in an e-shop (not a real one just for a homework!) I want when a non registered user add items in his basket to have a php code that will understand the kind of user. For example if the user add a pink tennis ball the code will understand that the user might be a woman and that might like sports. If user add a car fluid code will understand that the user has a car. If user add in his basket a baby cream code will understand that user has a baby. So all the data the code will collect will be displayed somewhere in the page. For example: user is man, have car, have baby, between 30-50 years old. And somewhere in page will be a ads based to these results. For example user will see an advertising for baby food, or for a car product. I need to make that for a homework, but I don't really know from where to start, can someone help me? Any help would be fine because I don't know from where to start! This thing called user profiling. Thanks!
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