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Found 10 results

  1. how i can upload pic to 'upload URL' => "upload/".md5($_SESSION['user']), I use Zend Framework 2. After i have already login and created $_$_SESSION['user']. But config.php file in kcfinder/conf/config.php is not unknown $_SESSION['user']. How i can fix it.Pls help me, thanks so much
  2. Our client is a growing financial company in the northern Orlando area. They have an immediate need for a PHP Developer to bring on as a permanent, full time employee. This would be a salaried position with a benefits package. If you are interested please send me your resume at ally.gordon@insightglobal.net. A brief description is included below, but please give me a call to go over the position in further detail at 407-608-1520. I look forward to hearing from you! Technologies Used: PHP MySQL and SQL Server HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, and CSS Frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, etc. Description: • Designs and develops user interfaces to Internet/intranet applications by setting expectations and features priorities throughout development life cycle; determining design methodologies and tool sets; completing programming using languages and software products; designing and conducting tests. • Recommends system solutions by comparing advantages and disadvantages of custom development and purchase alternatives. • Integrates applications by designing database architecture and server scripting; studying and establishing connectivity with network systems, search engines, and information servers. • Supports users by developing documentation and assistance tools. • Updates job knowledge by researching new internet/intranet technologies and software products; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations. • Enhances organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests; exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments. Best regards, Ally Gordon Professional IT Recruiter Insight Global ally.gordon@insightglobal.net 407-608-1520
  3. hello to all, My issue is that i have a script encoded with zend and the script some pages work some are just BLANK Zend it is installed : Configuration File (php.ini) Path /usr/local/lib Loaded Configuration File /usr/local/lib/php.ini and Its throwing exception here: Can someone please help cuz i am tryin like a week to fix it but no results
  4. Please, I need some pointers to good resources (videos, books{pdfs}, etc) that a newbie can pick up and learn the in and outs of Zend Framework 2. I have to learn it if I am to live up to expectation and no bring regrets to those who have given me this opportunity. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. I have a registration page in my zend framework and i want to save that page as pdf . The page contains all the css and dyanamic table data so is it possible to render that page and save as pdf document.
  6. hello guys i need a suggestion regarding which php framework to use for an ERP Application. We at our company have planned to make a ERP for Hotel. We are planing to cover aspects like - Room Booking, Restaurant, Cafe & Bar, Front Desk, Back Office, Kitchen, Inventory, Payment & Accounts etc.. The application will be installed on local server and work on intranet. Oracle will be used as database. It is suggested by our analysis team that for payment, credit card swipe machine should be there. So the framework that we will choose should be compatible with 3rd party tools or APIs. Since database will be Oracle so framework should also be compatible with Oracle. I have searched the web for the best suited framework. There are the top 3 frameworks- CI, Zend, Yii. I have not worked on any of the above frameworks. Which framework should i use. Plz suggest guys.Thanks.
  7. Hi Dear friends, my need is also simple . My url is : http://localhost/zf2-tutorial/public/ I need to show same content in URL http://localhost/zf2-tutorial/ How it can done using .htaccess . please advise me Thanks, anes
  8. Here are my files. The view: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/542541964 The controller: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/132354357 The form: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/40623455 Now, when I run this, this is the text that I see: entering view asdfasfasd exiting view ENTER - buildAffiliateSelectForm - Application_Form_Input EXIT - buildAffiliateSelectForm - Application_Form_Input Why is my controller (action, in this case) is executing after the view? This doesn't make any sense.
  9. DjMike681


    Hello everyone! I am writing my Bachelor's Thesis on Zend Framework and I am conducting a short survey among web developers. If you are kind to allow 2-4 minutes to complete the survey (14 questions) I will appreciate that! The survey is held on Google Forms and there is no login needed! Thank you! Here is the form: https://docs.google.com/a/mihaivlasceanu.eu/spreadsheet/formResponse?formkey=dEtpYWhCVGRiNUMtUVRoUFJfaE9Obmc6MA&goback=%2Egde_2204708_member_149335276
  10. Work through the Skeleton Application::Module section for ZF2. Application is displaying the default ZF2 landing page (module/Application/view/application/index/index.phtml). And I've set up a test/ directory in my module then ran phpunit test. The test checks out and it returns OK (7 tests, 16 assertions). As far as I can tell, the application through Database and Modules is setup correctly. However when I go to load the module page, I get a blank page with one line of text: missing.html. Setup: Module Name: Guestbook App Path: octoberblue.net/guestbook Virtual Host: guestbook.octoberblue.net Directory(httpd-vhosts.conf): guestbook/public mod_rewrite enabled .htaccess configured Current file structure My module name is Guestbook and I'm porting the ZF1 guestbook Skeleton project to ZF2. Error_log when loading guestbook.october.net/guestbook (the suggested method) File does not exist: /opt/local/apache2/htdocs/octoberblue/guestbook/public/guestbook BTW, the framework is returning the error/text. If I try and load the module viewer (view/guestbook/guestbook/index.phtml) by entering the absolute real path in the browser address bar, I get a different error in the error_log, that error is: .htaccess: Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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