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Need Help to query from now to 7 days ago

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I am running phpnuke with mysql and I am try to modify a top 15 module that pulls the 15 most read stories. I would like to modify it to only show the most read stories in the last 7 days


Here is the current query



select sid, title, counter from ".$prefix."_stories  order by counter DESC limit 0,$top", $dbi);


the field Time is setup in this format 2003-09-02 11:40:46


I had tried to add this to the query before order by


Where time between now() and now() - interval 7 days


I do not get an error when I run, I just get no results. Is Time a reserved word? Do I need quotes around it, and can I use interval with now()?


I am a newbie when it comes to Mysql, I am trying to learn though. Any help would be appreciated.

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Time is reserved, but allowed as a fieldname. Use backticks ``.





$day_7 = date(\'Y-m-d\', strtotime(\'-7 days\'));


$query = \"select sid, title, counter from \".$prefix.\"_stories

where `time` > \'$day_7\'

order by counter DESC limit 0,$top\";


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:lol: Thank you very much for the code help. It works perfectly. I did not know you had to use the ` around the reserved words, someone told me I could use \' which did not work. Once again thanks alot, this was a good learning experience for me.

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