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private folders in php

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Hey everybody, this is my situation:

I have a content management site where multiple users can manage their files.
Each user has it's own personal folder, for example


The website is made with php, mysql and secured with user authentication via mysql and a php session. Sow the data in mysql is secured but now I want to secure the files in the personal folders sow that user1 cant delete files in the "/userdata/user2" dir and user1 can't upload or even look at files in the "/userdata/user1" folder without using my php website.

Is it possible to let the folder "/userdata" (and all subfolders) only allow traffic from the php website (that has user authentication) and don't allow browsing from outside this website.

my server: Apache/2.0.54 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.0.5-2ubuntu1.2

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